Uncivil War: Watch Dogs - The Car-Clothing Coordination Carnage Contest!

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Watch Dogs - The Car-Clothing Coordination Carnage Contest!

In the premiere episode of Uncivil War, Jim Sterling and Yahtzee Croshaw compete in Watch Dogs to see who can rage on the road the most!

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This is fun! Going to add this to the "Looking Forward to Each Week" column!

Yup I think I'll keep watching this series, enjoyed it a lot.

Oooh, well this definitely has potential. Could lead to some interesting ideas.

I actually enjoy Jim a lot more in this than Yahtzee despite the statue of the latter in my back yard.

I guess Yahtzee just works better with scripts while Jim works decently enough without. (Don't worry Yahtzee, it's what we creepy smelly nerds call a moé point)

Still looking forward to more of this.

That was great :D

Next time, I think you need to see how many chickens you can kill in Skyrim by Fus Doh Rah - with bonus points if you don't get caught by the guards.

This was stupid.

And fun.

Stupid fun. Yeah, I can dig that. If not eagerly, still awaiting more.

How delightfully wonderful

That was fun. Keep it coming and lets see if this one can remain fun over the long term.

So one chooses the game and the other the competition?
This could be fun!
Just need to focus more on the banter than the challenge itself :D

Jim actually shorted himself with his counting. Because he forgot what number he was on when he ran over 5 he didn't count his actual 6th one.

As much as I loved Rhymedown, this looks like a lot of fun. Looking forward to what comes next. The Drown Outs with Yahtzee and Gabe are a highlight of my week, and now we have Yahtzee and Jim playing (somewhat) together. Woo!

And thank you for the reminder (and theme song), Gav. I didn't know this was the new Jim and Yahtzee project.

It's strange because I can't stop these clowns from jumping in front of my car and Jim's clowns keep dodging.

Nice! As to what game you should do next, why not Saints Row IV? I'm sure the two of you could find something entertaining in a game that ridiculous.

Now if this was Saints Row 2, the people would be jumping into the road for your cars. Ah well.

This is dumb fun, I'll probably keep watching.

thouroghly enjoyable. found it fun and entertaining but I don't think we need anymore of the fat jokes. they don't add anything and I think yahtzee can do better then that...

That was fun. I laughed out loud when Jim remarked that they all are wearing jeans. Ah, thank God for that crafty bastard.

Now I have another reason to look forward to Fridays. Hurrah!!

well, this was unexpected, but I'm excited to see what's to come.

Brutal Doom- E2M8 First to kill the Cyberdemon wins (OK for weapon cheats)
GTA4- Blow up as many Taxis as you can with explosives
Minecraft- the first to build a shelter wins (needs to be closed and have easy access to the outside)

1v1 Snipers on COD4 Shipment :D

Oh, wow, I've got a new favorite weekly video. Thanks!

I guess a grey car would have gotten a lot of points quickly.

Yahtzee "Crossed Wire" Croshaw? I thought "Yahtzee" was already his made-up middle name? So now his midddle name get s a middle name? How far does this rabbit hole go?

(Looking forward to next week!)

Well that was a lot of fun to watch. This is definitely getting added to my weekly rotation.

Does it have to just be Jim vs Yahtzee, or could the LRR crew join in on the carnage?

HA! xD This is great.

Two people having a good time, playing a game, and making fun of eachother.

:D I like how you came up with your own games too.
You could have just tried to kill each other, but instead ya made it interesting.

Thank God for you both. Looking forward to next week's episode. =w= b

2 player ME3 multiplayer on platinum using the N7 Fury. Last man standing (or if by some miracle you survive, high score).

I actually really liked the weekly rhymedowns, but this could turn out fun too, provided that they keep thinking of fun new contests.

Someone add Gabe to this, and presumably the universe will implode. Quite entertaining!

This is probably the first series ever where I saw episode 1 and thought "okay, this is perfect. I have to see every episode."
Even rhyme-down-spectacular didn't have me thinking that.

That was good stupid fun, and I had a good laugh.

Can't wait to see what else you guys are gonna do.

So, more please! :D

This idea rocks! How about picking a game that maybe neither particularly likes that much and let the chaos ensue? I can think of one of the WWE games, where both can go bonkers with the create-a-wrestler mode, etc. I think it'd be perfect for the whole "Uncivil War" concept, lol.

This was amusing, I look forward to seeing what other challenges you come up with in the future. Who can Fus Ro Dah the most chickens sounds kinda fun.

That was interesting and not at all what I expected.

That said, while I definitely want to see more Yahtzee and Jim on this, is there a chance we'll have other personalities rotate in from time to time? Not saying that's a deal-breaker, but I'm just curious if that idea has been tossed around at all.

Can't wait to see what they do next. This series looks like it's gonna be great fun. It would be fun if you guys have guests on every once in a while as well. Chris and Jim vs. Yahtzee and Graham. There's a tag team match I wanna see happen. The Bearded Beauties team up with the Witty Wankers.

This is very silly. I bloody love it.


Slappers Only

License to Kill

Yes. All the yes. That was so much fun back in the day. That or throwing knives.

yahtzee made the mistake of choosing white in a modern console game. He should have went with brown.

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