Uncivil War: Watch Dogs - The Car-Clothing Coordination Carnage Contest!

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Great fun with the Hacks joke.

Jim too busy winning to make up jokes? :\
Hope to see this work out and become popular, cause I always welcome anything from you, my favourite bastards ;)

'I just realized, all these f**kers are wearing jeans!"

Lost it at that. Amazing job everyone.

Wow I didn't realise the rhyme battle video is gone until I notice this video.
Either way it's good to have those two back together in a video.

That was good. When Jim started killing everyone wearing jeans I imagined some snooty trouser wearer saying 'Your performing a public service'.

Little something about me.

I am currently wearing blue pants (not a jean) and I hate wearing white.

Great, as if I didn't have enough reasons to goof off on the internet... that was very enjoyable and I look forward to more! My suggestion:

In Minecraft (survival mode), who can create the deepest pit (Y value) using only Creeper explosions?

What about underwear? Surely some of those people were wearing tighty whities.

I dug the poetry series, but I think that I'll enjoy this a lot more.

This video was very fun, while the concept has been done before the actual execution was very enjoyable, mostly because you two make a great comedic duo.

I hate to admit it but I didn't watch much of rhymedown spectacular, and while I do intend to check out that show someday, for now I will atone for my sins by watching this series.


That is all

enjoyed that guys, keep it up, looking forward t next weeks challenge

That was lovely.

Oh my god, this was hilarious! The back-and-forth between Yahtzee & Jim is the selling point. I don't mind the lack of Rhymedown now that we have this. And Gavin doing the theme song to boot!
New Challenge: how many bystanders in Saint's Row IV can you beat up with the big floppy purple dildo.

I like this, just random semi-difficult challenges that take about 3 mins.

Alright, this is fucking awesome, well worth the end of Rhymedown Spectacular.

Saints Row 3, kill as many mascots as possible in 5 min with the Penatrator.

I can tell already that this show is going to be a riot. I'm going to add it to my "Must Watch" list.

Yahtzee + Jim + Gavin (Theme song) = AWESOME!

I am really looking forward to where this series goes next

This series is going to be a lot of fun! Really looking forward to what games they play in the future. I wonder if they'll stick mostly to well known games, or if they plan on throwing in some older/more obscure titles to throw each other off?

but I don't think we need anymore of the fat jokes. they don't add anything and I think yahtzee can do better then that...

I think that's a bit of his personal humor coming through, like a running gag between friends. He does the same thing to Gabe just to get him worked up for Lets Drown Out, but they've discussed several times that he doesn't really mean anything by it. He might have (either intentionally or out of habit) said it to get Jim worked up in the same way. If you look back at some of Yahtzee and Jim's other banter-based works like the Hour of Love he does the same kind of teasing, and Jim easily joins in on it.

This was wonderful. Do the challenges all have to be unconventional/not something the game makes up for you?
I'll nominate cutting the scenery in that first part of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance(the beach part) into as many pieces as possible. I'm pretty sure the game keeps some kind of count even if it offers no reward.
I'm also nominating carrying as many rabbits as you can in the first part of Dragon's Dogma and sticking them in a boat at the beach. It's the Noah's Ark bible game challenge.

"I am going to have the saddest wank I have ever had in my life"

Lost it at that!

Well that was a lot of fun to watch. This is definitely getting added to my weekly rotation.

Does it have to just be Jim vs Yahtzee, or could the LRR crew join in on the carnage?

Oh, I would love to see that - original or Source! Golden Guns only would be a thigh-slapper as well.

1v1 Snipers on COD4 Shipment :D

Oh god...that's fiendish! :o

Great little vid, I can see this becoming a showcase for 'games within games'.

As for a suggestion, may I offer up NPC vs NPC fights in GTA:O? The game is simple: find two or more NPCs standing in a group and sprint into the crowd in such a way as to knock over an NPC into another NPC. Usually both will run off, but every so often the second NPC will become hostile to the first and an NPC vs NPC fight will break out allowing you to just sit back and watch. And yes, myself and a couple of XBL buddies do actually do this for light relief between matches.

Not what I was expecting, but loved it nonetheless! There's great banter between these two.

This was brilliant! Genuine laughs were had and I love the music. I'm sure you guys could come up with something stupid to do in Skyrim or Saints Row.

yahtzee made the mistake of choosing white in a modern console game. He should have went with brown.

Its sad/funny because its true :\

This was hilariously stupid and with barely any seriousness. It was great.

Since everyone is being so positive and encouraging on this thread, I'll just go ahead and be the ghost of the feast by saying that I find the concept lazy, the banter forced, the contrast in personalities wasted, and... well the title music is awesome, but you should definitively work on those things.

Have to agree about disliking the music, but in all other ways this is so much of what I love doing in video games that I'm already in love.

Two older-game suggestions: Red Faction: Guerrilla, who can drop their sector moral the lowest the fastest? Even older-game: how many people can you beat to death in GTA: San Andreas using only a bouquet of flowers before being killed or busted? As you won't necessarily be taking up as much time with explanations, finding the flowers could even be part of the challenge. (Or you could just start at an agreed-on location with flowers in-hand.)

I'll definitely be adding this show on my watch list. Basically anything Yahtzee and Jim are in I'll devote precious minutes of my life to witnessing.

This had me in tears, XD it was awesome. Really loved it.

This is the best thing I've seen all day. Definitely on my Weekly Watch List.

No suggestions at the moment; have to take my time and make sure to come up with a good one...

It took 62 comments to get to someone hating it.

New world record, and sign of success. :)

Jim and Yahtzee doing goofy mini challenges and making fun of each other all the while? Subscribed!
Also got a few possible challenges for you:

Goat Simulator - Most goat modifications (devil, jetpack, halo, hat, etc) or highest score; either would work.

Painkiller - Most kills using only the painkiller's laser beam on the level of your choice but you cannot move to adjust the beam after it attaches to a surface; you have to try and orient it so enemies run into it and kill themselves. You can recall the painkiller to attach it to something else, but when the beam appears no moving is allowed

Max Payne 3 - Most breakable environmental stuff shot while diving in slow-motion.

Octodad: Dadliest catch - In the grocery store, most items fit into a shopping cart OR in the house level, remove all balls from the shed and then put only soccer balls back into the shed, 1 point per soccer ball, -1 for every other.

Dynasty Warriors 8 (the only one on steam I believe) - Most kills, but the only way you can move is by using attacks, no WASD or analog stick or anything like that.

Just Cause 2 - I don't know what would make a good challenge, but the grappling hook must be involved. Maybe attaching a car to a plane and seeing how many people you can hit with the car like a wrecking ball? I haven't played that in forever, so I don't know if that's something you can do or if the car will just snap off or you couldn't fly the plane at all.

I hope Jim and/or Yatzhee read these comments for possible suggestions, because I got one: Just Cause 2. Start at the same location, say any standard village or cleared military base(best to use one in an area you haven't done much in).
Without using the black market order guy, cause as much havoc in 5 mins as possible. Bonus points for every military helicopter you steal.
-100 points for every time you die.

Since everyone is being so positive and encouraging on this thread, I'll just go ahead and be the ghost of the feast by saying that I find the concept lazy, the banter forced, the contrast in personalities wasted, and... well the title music is awesome, but you should definitively work on those things.

How dare you have a dissenting opinion! You must join the hivemind.

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