Best M15 Cards To Play This Weekend

Best M15 Cards To Play This Weekend

M15 is upon us. Here are the cards I think you should consider adding to your decks this weekend.

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Bought three packs, got Garruk. Very happy.

I opened Chandra in my prizes at the prerelease last week. A shame she didn't turn up in my Sealed pool: I was playing red-green and she'd have helped a lot. She'd have been taking out little things, or preventing bigger creatures from blocking. Ah well. 2-2 is good by my standards.

This weekend was the prerelease here in Argentina, and I got the most horrible card pool in the history of Magic. I was barely able to put a deck together, and only won one match. I even lost to a guy who was playing Magic only for the 3rd time in his life...

I then bought a bunch of booster packs and still had horrible luck. Luckily I got a Chord of Calling, the only good card on all boosters. I was really looking forward for at least one of the new PW or a Commander-playable mythic.

My brother, the lucky bastard, got a Garruk in the one prerelease box he picked up.

But at least I got a full playset of Goblin Rabblemasters between my two prerelease boxes and the buy-a-box promo. >_>

And I did get a foiled Siege Dragon in addition to the prerelease promo equivalent.

EDIT: For the prerelease I played a red-green goblin-focused deck with two Rabblemasters and some other fun stuff, and ended up in 9th-or-so place out of 38 players. For the release I actually managed to run a mono-red deck and got 3rd place out of 14 or 16 players. Unprecedented success for me, although it didn't win me anything special.


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