True Blood Review: Fluff and Circumstance

True Blood Review: Fluff and Circumstance

A party at the Stackhouse residence brings together humans, vampires, and all of their problems, under one roof.

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And Pam will somehow make it out of the final season uninfected, because she's the most streetwise of the vamp cast. This is my prediction and I'm sticking to it. I saw the whole "love pentagon" that's been created coming a mile away. I'd hate to imagine what pain Jason's going to be in for next week. Violet's an old Catholic girl. I expect she'll conjure up some kind of medieval torture involving a cross and possibly knives or spikes.

Come on now. Eric's "We can be assholes" was the best line when you account for the context. Pure gold. This show is a perfect mix of good TV and cheesy bad TV. Certain aspects are absolutely brilliant. Directing, acting, most characters and dialogue most of the time. But the plot is so ridiculous, it feels like it should belong in a cheep 80's TV show or one of those daytime soap operas. I don't think anyone's ever attempted to do something like that. And miraculously it works.

It's a shame that the series is ending like this, because it REALLY feels like they're shoving everything down too fast.

At least Lost Girl will be starting up soon...


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