Escapist Podcast - Comics and Cosplay: 011: Lies, Damn Lies, And Marvel/DC/Star Wars Rumors

011: Lies, Damn Lies, And Marvel/DC/Star Wars Rumors

Due to Comic-Con related logistics, this podcast is audio-only.

With Comic-Con upon us, Ross Lincoln, Marla Desat and Marshall Lemon take a few moments to talk about rumors, rumors and more rumors. First up, we dig into the plethora of Marvel Cinematic Universe news that dropped over the weekend, including our own unfounded and entirely inaccurate theories about what the future has in store for the franchise. Next up, we talk Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Shazam!. Finally, we give ourselves just enough excuse to talk about Star Wars 7 rumors on the Comics and Cosplay Podcast, and we're not remotely sorry.

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Ok, so if Howard the Duck is in Guardians of the Galaxy and it is fact that George Lucas directed Howard the Duck. I think it is safe to say the logical conclusion is that Rocket Racoon will kill Han Solo in episode 7.

In regards to the Vision (the movie version will be bs, by the by) and Scarlett Witch's relationship, her power is to alter reality, so that right there is carte blanche for it to be whatever she wants, hell she even got herself pregnant with twins.

What's the music you play at the opening and closing? I like it.


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