No Right Answer: Worst Pre-Order Sin Ever

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Need to start a new campaign: "Only losers pre-order".

Course gaming media won't be against pre-orders because they get so much advertizing dollars from selling that garbage.

What is it with the content creators on this site hating on pre-order content, but always picking the worst examples to try and shove fear down everyone's throats. Use examples like Metro Last Light, Street Fighter 4 (and it's 50 "sequels") or Sims 4. Those games have terrible pre-order bonuses (or in the case for SF4, just terrible business practice in general) and deserve the hate!

If you're truly terrified about the possible repercussions of pre-order culture, than pick the right games to bash!

I deserve the pre-order code because I have neither a PS4 nor XBox One, and will not be purchasing Destiny until a PC version is released. Hah! That would be sticking it to pre-order culture!

The Elder Scrolls Online had a thing where you could play any race, any faction if you pre-ordered. And then the Imperial Edition you got a horse. Which, I mean. Yay horse! But I wish they had stuck to their faction guns and not had that as a pre-order bonus.

I would pre-order the play at home "No right answer" game.

I pre-ordered Destiny knowing very little about it as getting into the details often spoils the end result for me.

Yes I know how dumb that sounds.

You both are totally wrong, the worst pre-order sin is not coming out for more than 10 years since they started taking pre-orders. What, you say that's never happened? Duke Nukem Forever, that is all.

LMAO this is pretty funny because destiny beta is available to everyone now so the code is useless.

I only pre ordered Saints Row 4, because I knew I'd like it. I did :)

Also you can keep the beta key.

I should get the preorder code because I don't have a PS4. The irony and meta that would be involved in giving me the code are both epic.

I deserve the beta code because i'm saying please. May I please have the Destiny beta code?

well the thing is on season passes, it doesn't even get you all the content anymore. You still had to buy the extra borderland character when it came out if you didn't preorder the game, even if you bought the pass.

Congratulations to Eric Lyakhovetsky for winning the Destiny Beta code! Evidentially pre orders did some nasty things to his parents. So sad


So...pretty sure this qualifies as most one-sided victory ever?

3 to 99, ouch.

It's just...paintball mode! I KNOW that would have been a pre-order bonus of that game came out today. And it hurts so bad.

Would it? I'm not so sure. Judging by, say, the Saints Row 3 or 4 model of DLC, paintball mode seems more like post-release DLC than pre-order material. Possibly a semantic difference, but considering the debate was about pre-order specific cash grabs and not all forms of DLC...I dunno, that hypothetical feels like it should've been invalid.

I definitely agree that kind of thing released today has a high likelihood of being some kind of microtransaction-gated content, but there's no way of knowing when it'd be made available. "It could be a pre-order bonus" isn't really the same as "It would be a pre-order bonus."

Still, even if it was just a (highly successful) pathos ploy, well played! ;p

This is what happens when I accidentally click "quote" instead of "edit" on a post. -.-

I have no interest in Destiny whatsoever.

Which is exactly why I deserve a chance to play the beta; so I can understand what all the damn fuss is about.

Give me a beta key so I finally have a reason to buy and own PC with less features... uh, console I mean.

With that out of the way...
On the topic of pre-order, I do not care about simple stuff, like a golden gun texture, in-game title, fancy mount and so on. If there are viable alternatives in-game (mount going the same speed, gun having the same stats) I do not care in the slightest.

I do however care if actual content that is an integral part of the experience is locked away (looking at you, Javik). In the ME case and EA's ill-concieved 10 dollar policy (RIP) it felt a little like being shaked down by a mafia thug

That said I am on the fence here when it comes to DLC in general, people who pre-order do take a risk, and there should be some reward for it and a (substantial) discount on a season pass or upcoming DLC is a viable option. However, I feel there is to much potential and acutal abuse going around that I would be disinclined to fall for that. Often it is just cheaper to wait for GOTY edition or a Steam Sale like with Borderlands 2.

In any case, cavet emptor, read previews from sites and magazines you trust. Only pre-order stuff you are certain you are going to like and do not fall for pre-order bribes.

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