Uncivil War: Doom II - King of Hell

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Doom II - King of Hell

Who can last the longest in the final level of Doom II!

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2 to 0 in Jim's favor.

Step your game up, Yahtzee!

This one was pretty awesome. It kinda sucked not being able to see the health meters so we could see how close to death you guys were, but I'm pretty sure the burning to a crisp was also a good indicator. I still hope to see Saints Row (2,3, or 4) in the future!

That was legitimately hilarious.

The 15 minute video works much better too. Love how it's a bit like a crossover between Jim's let's plays and Yahtzee's Let's Drown Out.

Darn it Yahtzee, you shame Australia again!

Actually I was rooting for Jim. I just can't help it.
Though it was a great episode, especially with your bickering.

Agreeing with one of the users above, Saints Row 2 would be an amazing game!
Also, this is a great length for a video. 15 minutes of goodness. ^_^

I miss the poetry. Though I appreciated Yahtzee calling Jim out on misusing decimate.

That was fun. #TeamJim rules.
I just played through Heretic this week. You could have a "Who can kill D'Sparil first" competition on that sometime.

So it's gone from "Yahtzee won this week" to "Jim won this week". There's something almost poetic about that.

But nevermind, I'm liking the fifteen minute length. It's nice to have a non-podcast thing last longer than 5-8 minutes on The Escapist.

Excellento, once again. A good length, too.

Boy, I can't wait for you two to do something like Goldeneye Source with slappers or Golden Guns only. Hehehe...

I'm counting this week as a win for Yahtzee; Jim should have been disqualified for cheesing the first round like a little bitch, for firing a weapon during the second round, but most of all, for misusing the word "decimate".

Awesome challenge this week. I'd also love to see Saints Row, but I have to mention Just Cause 2 (some kind of sustained grapple parachute flight challenge would be fantastic).

The other challenge that might be fun is Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts; build something that will launch you the highest using only 20 building pieces (I think the cactus in the museum level could be used for measurement if there's no height measurement available) - could do best out of 3. Frankly, there's a billion building challenges you could have in that game.

Yahtzee! Jim isn't a game journalist! He's a garme jurnalist! Know the difference.

There's nothing civil about this war....Jim is slaughtering Yahtzee!

Truly, truth in advertising.

I believe just for watching this video the police will raid my house (i live in germany).

I was surprised that during round one Jim didn't exploit the fact that there's no rule saying you have to leave the starting room; it's what I'd have done.

Speaking of which, that's the only level in the original DOOM games I've never managed to beat without either cheats, save scumming, or mouselook.

Too be fair, I would have done another round. That first round Jim hid like child playing hide and seek and nothing was happening. Yahtzee kept it interesting

As much as I love Doom II, and am glad to see it played, that was hard to watch.

It was still most enjoyable but I think last weeks was better. The passive time based goal left too much of challenge in the hands of the game rather than the two opponants. I would also love to see some meta-challenges such as selecting a title unkown to either Jim or Yahtzee and seeing who can crash it first or how many audio or visual glitches they can create or how absurd a narrative they can concote through their actions... This competition is a great concept and I look forward to seeing how they continue to realize it in the coming weeks

I'd say Yahtzee provided more entertaining viewing during the first round. But, in the, end Jim's superior tactics just cannot be denied. And I do enjoy the instrumental Miracle of Sound songs in the background.

Looking forward to the next creative battle, and I hope this war drags on for some time.

I can understand that it's fairer to have a best of three. But after the first round (which was a long time), I couldn't be bothered to see round 2, so I skipped to the end to see who won overall.

Perhaps if I wasn't hungry, feeling ill and had a bright day searing my eye balls from the window behind my laptop I might have had more patience.

I enjoyed the first round.

So they should totally do a Just Cause 2 or Arkham City grapple/gliding airtime challenge.

Also: A minecraft video? Maybe a hardcore map with a checklist of things to build? Or I can upload a map with a clearly marked End Portal and who can kill the dragon fastest?

Also, Also: World of Warcraft: Around The World in Eighty Days. take level 1 characters and travel all the way around azeroth? (though maybe that one will take too long)

There's also the classic Who Can Drive The Desert Bus The Longest (probably time lapsed, with special guest commentators LoadingReadyRun!)

I've got a lot of good ideas! Trouble is, most of 'em suck...

Surgeon Simulator high-score challenge? Old-school Driver game for the PS1- who can get across the golden gate bridge to the top of the hill there fastest? Bonus: you have to get the cops pissed at you first. Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Game Cube. Play the one where you have to use a boxing glove on a spring to knock your opponent off of the platform. Always good fun. Who can last the longest in one of the God of War Titan modes. Horde mode for Gears of War, no guns. Only melee.

What you call cowardice and cheesing, I call ...

What's that word?

Oh yes.


Is that Doom II with a mod? A re-release or something? Looks quite a bit better than I remember the original looking. Either way great show :3

Oh, apparently Brutal Doom mod... maybe I should listen better.

Wouldn't say Jim was cheesing in this, although I have seen him doing it in Skyrim. Eating all that cheese.

Liking this series a lot. Would be nice if you could taunt each other in rhyme. You know, for old time's sake.

Suggestion: Shadow of the Colossus, speed run on the final boss. Or would that take too long? Took me a fucking age but then I'm not a professional games journalist.

Is there a conceivable universe where they won't be playing DiveKick?

I'm counting this week as a win for Yahtzee; Jim should have been disqualified for cheesing the first round like a little bitch, for firing a weapon during the second round, but most of all, for misusing the word "decimate".

Right you are, Jandau!

Anyway, this was not great as I had hoped.
It was entertaining, sure. But with two sticks of dynamite I'd expect a massive, glorious explosion... :\

Great win, Jim. If there's anything I've learned from Dark Souls, it's that it doesn't matter if it's cheesing or not, as long as you're winning. :)

Also, a suggestion for a game challenge: Just Cause 2. Race from the southern-most tip of Panau to the northern-most tip of Panau, by any means necessary, excluding planes and possibly boats. If you want to use boats or helicopters, you could add a rule that you have to discard them after 30 seconds of use. Also, if the boats or helicopters have weaponry, you could nix that last rule and say that you can use them as long as you like, but if you come across a military base or something destructible, you must stop and destroy it. You don't have to 100% the base (read: find all the collectable doo-dads sitting around the base), only destroy all the things with the Panau star plastered on it.

Suggestion: Shadow of the Colossus, speed run on the final boss. Or would that take too long? Took me a fucking age but then I'm not a professional games journalist.

Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake, third colossus (Gaius) in Hard Time Attack, and the one with best time within the time limit wins.

Sounds easy? Well, in HD remake can't be accomplished without cheating a bit:


They might be unscripted but these are a lot of fun to watch I only wish I could join in on the fun but I imagine others would too.

YAHTZEE! what the crap?!
Stop disappointing us like you disappoint your parents

Next game: Gran Turismo or other racing game with full acceleration and no braking.

I'm going to recommend my favorite game of this type to Jim, Yahtzee, or anyone else who wants to test their mettle.

My favorite silly made up rules kind of game to play is one I call FAGGIO DEATH RIDE in pretty much every GTA since Vice City.

How to play:
Get to the northern most point of the map in any GTA game.
Find (or bring with you) one of the vespa style scooters (named "FAGGIO").
Place the scooter on the shoulder or out of the way and then earn yourself a 3 Star Wanted Level.
Once you get the third star, you take off on your scooter.
You can only drive the Faggio scooter. No starting on one of those and then ditching it.
Try to see how far you can make it. The usual goal I set is to make it across the map (or as far as possible)

You can either score by distance or time spent on the bike, players choice. My friends and I would typically start at the north and shoot for the southern most tip of the map.

And jim wins again, god bless him and stupid enemy ai.

After watching this video I kind of want to play doom, it also made me curious why monster infighting disappeared from first person shooters, because it looks really fun.

Jimothy Sterling:
What you call cowardice and cheesing, I call ...

What's that word?

Oh yes.


You're only called a coward if you lose the war. xD Winners get to write the history books.

Good chose to change the rules as you went on though.
That said, it was pretty neat to see you react to the gore falling over the edge. Couldn't have had that if you didn't hide for the first round.

Enjoy victory Jim. You earned it. :)
But be cautious. Noting makes a person more hungry for victory than defeat. <.<

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