8 Great Games and Their Surprising Literary Inspirations

8 Great Games and Their Surprising Literary Inspirations

Today we give you eight games that are based on novels, sometimes they're a direct remake, and others are more of a retelling of the novel. Be prepared to be shocked and awed at these eight surprising adaptations.

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Aww, no Parasite Eve? That was a great book and a great game.

P.S. Thanks

Really surprising to see no The Last of Us/The Road on this list considering how buzzy it is right now.

There is a plot in a Mount&Blade game? I haven't played With Fire & Sword that much yet but I kinda thought those games were absolute sandboxes...?

I am completely shocked...well now this is just going to sound like a bad pun. I am surprised that Bioshock was not on there, seeing as how a lot of content is based on Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."

I did not know Spec Ops took an inspiration from a book. I just hope it didn't take the ending because we kind of all patted the devs on the back for that.

Really? It's surprising to find out that Metro:2033 was based on, wait for it, Metro:2033? Well shit a brick. I'm so glad this feature is here to point out the blatantly obvious.


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