May I Offer You My Business Card?

May I Offer You My Business Card?

Look at that subtle off-white coloring.

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College is indeed very expensive. No laughing matter to be found there............. >:D

Also, this could explain why so many clowns are going around killing people. They have to take side jobs as assassins to pay for their education.

How many more people have to be run over by clown cars, or stabbed by balloon swords before we realise we need to make education more affordable?

True, the education costs of Clown College are so ludicrously expensive, it's a joke.

It makes the profession needlessly restrictive to get into, leaving it only really viable to the top 1% who end becoming CEO or such anyway. Everyone else has to put themselves in lifelong debt, working off their massive loans one pie to the face at a time, carpooling with 30 people to a vehicle just to save a few bucks and dying a little inside every day.

The tasteful thickness of Nick Lerman's business cards is... Oh my god. It even has a watermark.

Did you consider doing a Sin City thing with everything in greyscale except for the red paint and nose?


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