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The Super Size San Diego Comic-Con Podcast

We had a huge week in San Diego, full of weirdness and lines and exhaustion and occasionally, some big (and not so big) news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con. And since we didn't get to record a podcast from the scene, we're making it up to you now with a special, double-sized Comics and Cosplay and Movies and TV podcast. Get ready for us to spend a long time talking Marvel, Sin City, DC, Mad Max: Fury Road, and of course those horrible, horrible Hall H lines.

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Ross "I'ma let you finish but... " Lincoln worried me a bit at the fifteen minute mark but after that this podcast was really good. Everyone got their time more or less and I really liked the podcast. Got me through the afternoon of spreadsheets. I was genuinely enjoying it and nearly laughed aloud in the office several times, with Elizabeth's recount of the line horror being of particular note.

I heard Ross's strangled opera thino at the end, yes.

Next time Mike is on, Id love to hear more from him but otherwise this was probably one of the best shows.

Lots of great stuff and I really enjoyed it.

I actually got to go to comic con the same year that Scott Pilgrim came out, coincidentaly, which was great great fun. I waited in line to see them at hall H but it was, maybe, three or four hours of waiting? Micheal cera wore a big poofy captian america costume as a joke. Accidentally saw that Stallone super eighties action movie packed preview too, in the process. Can't remember the name. It was like Friday so not as big of a day, I think. The rest if the time I spent roaming around the Stalls or the nearby streets which had events like the Eureka cafe.

I think sdcc has gotten bigger since then. Not sure that san diego will be able to sustain it much longer if so.

Anyway, great podcast. Thanks!

Puuush that envelope... Push it to the limit. aaaaaaaargg laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Really enjoyed this Podcast, I listen at work so long podcasts are right in my sweet spot (less changing of pages/windows). Enjoyed Ross's 'waaaaaaaaaa' at the end, though you should have WAAAGHed it Ross, should have WAAAGHed it.

From my own experience as a first time SDCC goer, I can agree, the humidity changes from the tracks to the convention center, which is banana's. Was a lot of fun, and even though I missed out on Hall H this year I did really enjoy smaller panels and just meeting new people.

Next year I will be sacrificing a day for the marvel panel in Hall H, because I really want to see those damn videos lol!

Ross has the singing voice of an angel, a tone deaf angel, but an angel none-the-less...

I listened to the whole thing last night and I loved it. Pretty much covered everything I wanted to know. Also gotta say Bob had a nice insight about the DC movies and how Marvel was lucky being the first ones for the most part although DC are not really helping themselves at least movie wise. The only problem I have is there seems to be that one person sometimes that doesn't get to speak enough and this time it was Mike Hoffman. Hope to hear him on the podcast again.

Keep up the good work. Also can't wait to see your Guardians of the Galaxy review Bob.

Man I was packed shoulder to face on a smelly crowded train on one of the hottest sweatiest days of the year listen to you guys talk about the line at comic con and suddenly I felt like I was there!

Better then usual but I really wish we could retire the batman v superman talk a bit? Ross, I love you man, The supreme court case joke sorta peaked a while ago... as well as ragging on WB for the tone of the photo work etc. No news is coming out really aside from the occasional photo, but all this speculation is really starting to go a little too far.

I listened to this whole podcast and loved it (you "sang" "AAAAH!" at 2:02:00 as proof).

Thanks guys!


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