Indie Developers Showcase, Day 8: Minions

Indie Developers Showcase, Day 8: Minions

From the creator of Desktop Tower Defense comes a browser-based multiplayer strategy game that could be just as addictive.


I don't know what's all the buzz about getting first posts. It makes me feel bad.

It's an interesting idea, but the gameplay doesn't suit it very well. And the learning curve is very, very steep. Or maybe I'm a moron, who knows.

Played this twice now for 2 verry long matches and can say it rocks! Thank you, ill be able to procrastinate my way through th next few weeks with this

I enjoyed this game very much however there is hardly any balance. My team was filled with morons so they quit and my team of 2 held the fort for a good 30 min before we lost. All in all though it was pretty fun.

This game has potential, but is less fun than a cardboard box. I can actually play with my cardboard box unlike "Minions" because it is plagued with *Unable to connect with the multiplayer server* error messages. I don't know if it's my computer or a bug in the game, but I'm not able to play.

I played the game, and found it interesting, but it seemed very slow. Both the movements and the actual pace of gameplay - it just took forever for anything to happen.

I think I played for about 15 minutes, and half my team was completely missing, before I finally gave up on it.


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