Uncivil War: Mount Your Friends - Jim and Yahtzee Get Physical

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Goldeneye or bust you pansies

Every time I hear Yahtzee's voice in these, he sounds do goddamn bored.

Maybe I've been watching too much Zero Punctuation, but these challenges, his voice says to me, "Please make this end. Jesusfuckingchrist I don't want to do this."

And then I hear that's his normal voice.

waych his youtube channel, he always sounds like this.

I wish Jim could sit in with Yahtzee in his "Let's Drown Out..." series.

If you guys want to hear Yahtzee's facade crack to the point he laughs so hard he cries, then check out this link

I've watched a lot of the Drown Outs but I hadn't seen that one. That really is amazing xD

This was definitely better than the last two. You guys should try to stick to games where you can see what the other's doing. It makes it easier to make fun of each other.

Yup, this was the best episode thus far. Turn based games do have a lot more potential for taking pot shots at your opponents - more entertaining for us viewers.

Hence I would recommend a game of Worms.
You could have fun with naming your squaddies and maybe giving them roles Team Fortress style.

I feel that this game requires them to have a QWOP-off. Just trying to actually play the game normally is hard enough.

"The Big Sweaty Cock Of Victory"? Is that what he's calling Gabriel now?

Hilarious. Did I really just watch almost 15 minutes of guys getting paid to basically make penis jokes the entire time?

I have a suggestion. Do Phantasy Star Online challenge mode.

I would like to see a uncivil war Don't starve survival custom map challenge (long winter, short summer, low resources)

or failing that any challenge involing a horror game like slender becuse I want to see jim scream

Floppy wangs and irreverent British humor. I like it, keep this going you wankers.

Ok, secretly I wish I had a real British accent, don't care exactly what regional accent it is.

I really like Jim and Ben's banter. The challenges are interesting, too.
The videos need to be edited though, they are way too long. Maybe it is my personal tastes, I do not enjoy Twitch nor spending hours... or even minutes watching someone else play.
5 minutes is good, maybe 10 if the challenge shows sufficient progress milestones that would need to be shown to the viewers.

I wanna see the two have a go at Crypt of the NecroDancer. :D

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