What Visiting the Amazon Taught Me About Video Game Jungles

What Visiting the Amazon Taught Me About Video Game Jungles

Critical Intel puts some first hand experience in the Amazon rain forest to work in examining the way games represent jungles.

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When a moth the size of an open wallet attacked my face, I realized headlamps are not ideal tools in the jungle.

thanks, i near choked on my tea laughing :D

nomination for quote of the day right there !

that's how you start a new page ! :P catch em unawares...

We've sure come a long way since the "jungles" in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. I recall being pretty impressed with the Jungle in Goldeneye. Then, years later, the jungle in Far Cry. IMO we honestly have not progressed very far in jungle representation since Far Cry even though we see them quite often in video games.

That was interesting, thanks for the read.

Great article. For the moment I'm quite content with the Northern hemisphere, no rainforests for me... but it's cool to see what games get wrong or right about them.
Thinking about it, video game forests really tend to feel too clean or not really alive... maybe some of your points could help improving them

really interesting. solid article involving gaming and real life, this is the kind of intriuging material I have come to expect form Escapist

I'm going to go out on a limb here, Mr. Rath, and commend you on this article. Not just because it's a fun and informative read but because how it was written. The past few articles have led me to believe that you write these well researched texts while on the road, far away from home and comfort and yet manage to put out higher quality than a lot of the so-so content that's even starting to clog up the Escapist from people sitting nicely at home. You have my sincere respect.

The last thing about animal behaviour is a constant irritation of mine. Wild animals acting suicidally aggressive even when I'm retreating, I'm sure player-chops wouldn't taste that good.


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