9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

9 Cliché Sexy Thrillers of the 90s

Are the sexy thrillers of the 90s so-bad-they're-good or just plain bad?

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In my dad's bookshelf, I found a VCR tape where he'd taped Body of Evidence. Next to the title, he'd written "Gross."

Nothing on the Wachowskis' first real film, Bound? I spotted this little gem after I had watched the Matrix and looked at their prior work. It featured Jennifer Tilly, doing what she normally does in films, and Gina Gershon as her lover/partner in crime as they attempt to steal millions in laundered money from the mob. Not a terrible movie even without the sex.

Can't go without mentioning Fatal Attraction, which really began the whole sexy thriller scene. Although it did come out in the 80s. Also another movie with Sharon Stone, Sliver.

I had never heard about "Body Of Evidence" before, and I normally don't like sexy thrillers since they focus on teasing only the straight male audience.

But... I think I need to watch that film now...

Ahhh ... Those films reminded me of my puberty.

Those were the days.

And, agreeing with some of the previous commenters, I really found the list lacking Sliver and Bound.

I recommend Poison Ivy: the new Seduction.

Wow, I've only heard of maybe 3 of those and seen exactly none.


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