Escapist Podcast: 149: Curse of Naxxramas

149: Curse of Naxxramas

This week, this Escapist staff discusses some initial thoughts on Hearthstones first expansion.

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As far as rpgs, Tales of Vesperia lies pretty damned high on my list. The characters are great. I liked the story. The gameplay of Tales games throws action at yer otherwise turn based genre. There are very many extra conversations between characters to find, which I love.

And that's my two gil on the matter.

Wait if Skyrim is a RPG does mean GTA: San Andreas is? Because while there is agency to change your self there is no discernible effect on the world. Specially in Skyrim "i've just been in to heaven and killed the Devil" Whiterun guard "oh, did somebody steal your sweet roll"

As for the Nax cards being seen in play, a lot of decks are running Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper. Haunted Creeper is a great value card, basically gives you 3/4 worth of stats for 2 mana. Nerubian Egg is also being used a lot in Zoo and other Rush decks. Combine in with stuff like Shattered Sun Cleric, Defender of Argus, Cold Blood, Abusive Sergeant, or anything that can buff a creature or give it taunt and it becomes an incredible card to have

I've been enjoying Naxx a lot thus far.

Also..your top25 RPG list is wrong. I understand it's your opinion(s) and all, but I still find it wrong for Skyrim to be #1 amongst other things.


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