The Meaning of Sharknado

The Meaning of Sharknado

Sharknado is trying to cash in on the so-bad-it's-good bandwagon... but it kind of works.

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I don't particularly like the way that the marketing for bringing everyone together for Sharknado 2 was done together. Something about working two screens at once tends to distract me; I'm not making an off-hand joke to a friend next to me on the couch, I'm having to pull up social media on my phone, type out a post, post it, then return to the movie. It's like the Wii U tablet- working both screens at once means you only care about one at a time.

Also, maybe it's just me, but I haven't seen this supposed death of water cooler conversations. My friends and I tend to watch the same things, so we talk about Game of Thrones, Sharknado, etc. anyways. The broader cultural movement has gone from print ads of "Who Shot J.R.?" to people on Facebook, TV Tropes, /tv/, and everywhere else talking about who's going to get killed next week in GoT.

Oh, and also nothing interesting really happens for the first forty minutes or so, which is frustrating but familiar if you've ever sat through, say, Monstroid waiting for Monstroid to show up.

To be fair, that's not the domain of only B movies. It was the #1 complaint about the Hollywood Godzilla movie that came out this year (and made $100m opening weekend).

It's a cliché at this point, but the information age really has isolated and divided us where it was supposed to bring us closer together. If pointing and laughing at people who used to be famous running away from a tornado full of sharks is what it takes to get us to actively share cultural experience again? I'll take it.

Yup. people seem to rather just be shut ins and watch stuff by themselves, but bad movies? Those can only be tolerated by laughing at with a group, maybe with a few drinks in hand. The most reliable way I've gotten friends over for movie nights is by creating a collection of "bad movies." There's something about them that just is not present when you try and watch them by yourself.

I'm sorry, but the main character jumping into the sharknado and wrangling a shark onto the Empire State building to have it corkscrew down for the perfect landing was one of the best things I've ever seen in a movie. It was so hilariously ridiculous that I was in pure awe that someone could actually think this shit up.

I don't get the point of sharing cultural experience of this sort (i.e. TV). First, limiting oneself to watch something when everyone else is watching it is stupid in principle. I watch whatever I want whenever I want.

Second, we have the internet. Even if you watch/play/experience some obscure material from 20 years ago, there's a chance that 1) someone else did exactly the same thing at almost the exact time and you can find them and chat with them, 2) you'll find a community dedicated to the very same thing to talk to.

Although, I'm a bitter loner who doesn't talk to their co-workers about Reality TV so maybe I'm the exception. Oh wait I'm not, again this is the internet!

It's not even so much that the premise is stupid - on some level, even without having actually seen it, I can appreacite how ridiculous it is. What bothers the hell of me and made me loathe the first one was that it was THIS one everyone noticed, like the concept had never been done before when Asylum Studios and every single Syfy Original ever made is the exact same level of schlock, but somehow Mia Farrow just tweets "OMG OMG OMG" and suddenly it's worth paying attention to.

I simply don't get it.

.......where did Ian Zearings blonde go?

Maybe it's because I'm not big into movies (I only go to the theater a few times a year), but these are movies that I can get into, either with a group, or by myself. Over the top movies with a terrible budget and cheesy action? Sign me up. As for the comment about nothing happening for the first 40 minutes, it seems that a lot of movies, especially action ones, don't have much going for it during the first half, or the movies I've been watching recently seem to be that way. Either way, I'm going to be having a bunch of my friends coming over in September, and I need to find a way for all of us to watch it in the living room, since that was something we loved to do in college.

Sy-Fy just has a bunch of poorly made movies every year, but the biggest one is usually shark based.


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