Escapist Podcast: 150: The Ups and Downs of Game Delays

150: The Ups and Downs of Game Delays

Due to technical issues, this week's podcast is audio only.

This week on the Escapist Podcast, we lament the recent rash of game delays (and why a few of them are good thing). We also talk about the upcoming XCOM board game, and what we games we're finally getting around to playing right now.

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Spoiler warning, Paul beat Justin in live stream by crashin the game.

Yeah, I'd imagine having to fight clickers without being able to kill them reliably would be really frustrating. I only got through Survivor mode because I managed to find a relatively resource-light wayI figured out how to fight clickers without using too many resources when I gave Survivor mode a try. First you stun them with a brick/bottle, or let Ellie do it, then you do a sprinting attack with any old melee weapon and it'll cave anything's head in, even a full-health clicker. You can't use it on mobs, 'cause their friends will get you, but with some maneuvering, you can shuttle to different throwable objects and take out some. If you've got large mobs, you might need a shotgun/shorty/flamethrower/molotov, but most of the time smashing their heads in with a two-by-four does the trick.


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