Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 014: That One Time TMNT Was A Huge Hit

014: That One Time TMNT Was A Huge Hit

We come not to praise Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but to bury it, except we can't because it was a huge hit and has already been greenlit for a sequel. That, plus the weirdness of the movie business, interspecies romance and the crappiness of Divergent are all discussed in this week's edition of the Movies and TV podcast. Enjoy, unless the news of TMNT's success has you feeling super bummed.

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I had to look up what a key party was and damn that is crazy that that's in there. I watched it a few months back and I don't remember that being implied, but I don't really remember much from it to be to be honest.

Also I kinda want to see that movie that Bob may or may not have been talking about because I may or may not have had to read that book in middle school.

Nah, it was Ninja Turtles here in Canada too. Never heard of Hero Turtles before, interesting stuff though.

When my girlfriend and I saw the Key Party scene in The Grinch we were laughing so hard, and we were the only ones in the theater who got the joke. It was awesome. Of course, this was in Oklahoma, so not really a surprise.

Also, I heard about the Turtles in some magazine somewhere before the cartoon came out. My first experience with them other than ads, however, was when I purchased Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, the tabletop RPG from Palladium. It was a terrible game, but I loved it, had all the supplements. Then I bought all the compilation/graphic novels of the first 20 or so issues of the original Ninja Turtle comic. Also, I am 41, so :-P. Heh

I don't see what makes Michelangelo flirting with April so strange.

The 2012 cartoon has Donnie crushing on April constantly.

The Star Trek episode they were talking about at the end is called "The Omega Glory". Yeah, it's pretty bad.

P.S. I think it's pretty generous to think that whoever wrote "My shell is tightening" did so because they did research on turtle anatomy, instead of just replacing 'pants' with a turtle themed word.

Bob that was for TV, the Films where always TMNT (as where the original comics and the PnP RPG) it's stuff aimed at kids that gets hit with that stuff.

So if they want a low rating, but the expendables is 12a and the TMNT 2014 isn't out here till October for some reason.

Oh my god I found the clip. It's kinda blatant when you know what to look for. Which I didn't when I saw it before. Definitely an "oh shit" moment when you realize the general target audience for this movie.

Dudes, one podcvaster to another, you need to work on mixing the intro, I could not hear Ross talking until AFTER the music went away in the beginning.

This explains so much why Avengers writing as of late has been so good and X-Men writing has been soooo bad! I miss the days of a big villain arriving at the school's doorstep that the team has to improvise in order to defeat. Who's the big villain right now? Oh it was Beast in a life-support suit because his latest mutation crippled his body. not intimidating in the slightest. So "Equilibrium for the teen crowd" is a stinker. No surprise there. From the first ad I could tell it was missing something - Gun Fu! It was missing Gun Fu.

I really enjoyed the TMNT movie bashing and all, but seriously, who mixes the intro? This intro was one of the worst in terms of the intro music playing over Ross talking and then it awkwardly hard cuts out.


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