Assassin's Creed Unity Preview - Should Assassins be Working Together?

Assassin's Creed Unity Preview - Should Assassins be Working Together?

Set in Paris during the French Revolution, Assassin's Creed Unity offers players their first chance to team up with other assassin's and take on even more challenging missions.

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The 'modifying mission objectives on the fly' aspect actually sounds pretty sweet, and fixes a problem that I hadn't even noticed was present in AC (but that had gotten me aggravated in the past). And the much more open approach to missions also sounds very cool.

Unfortunately, those two things are the only details that have yet made me even remotely interested in the game, so I probably still won't be picking this up. Then again, I'm not sure what Ubisoft needs to do to get me on board, since my complaints basically boil down to "I'm bored of the AC formula".

Ubisoft not only annualized a franchise that should not have been annualized, now they are putting out TWO console games on the same year, in the same franchise... Is it even POSSIBLE to get excited with another Assassin's Creed?

I really enjoyed this franchise on its roots (up until Brotherhood), but I just can't keep up anymore. I don't have the time, nor the will to be playing countless games on an neverending story that started up quite interestingly.

It was originally intended to be a trilogy... Then it started "spin-offing" uncontrollably and now it seems like a television series past its prime, trying to squeeze every last dollar it can from abusing its household name until people FINALLY lose interest.

Right now, I just hope it dies, so that we can have the talent behind it working on something fresh.

I'm right along with everyone on getting bored with the formula because I was done with it after finishing the first game. I played but could never get into and finish the other games, though I love AC4 but that's mainly due to it being Sid Meier's Pirates 3d with a little AC thrown in. The main issue with me is the stealth mechanics are just so superficial feeling, I mean saying the enemies are dumber that a bag of rocks would be insulting to the rocks. I will admit I am a bit optimistic since it seems they are deepening those mechanics with more choices other than 'run and hide in a haystack' and I do love the setting of the French Revolution, although I kinda wish pirating was still on the menu.

im more interested in the SP. coop is all fine and good but i still intent to play by my self.

Well, well... This might be the first time that I'm actually interested in trying the Multiplayer part. I usually avoid it, but what Ubisoft is doing/tries to do with 'Rogue' and 'Unity' (on- and offline) intreagues me.

I'm currently boring my way through AC3 and will get right to Black Flag (which I liked very much in the first hour I've played). It will probably destroy my finances, but I'll definately get both new games on day one.


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