Nick Fury as Played by David Hasselhoff Is Secret Agent Ham

Nick Fury as Played by David Hasselhoff Is Secret Agent Ham

You read that right: in the 90s, David Hasselhoff was TV-movie Nick Fury.

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Major BBCode derp on the first page.

Never cared for the Hoff take on the character. In my mind it falls in the same category as the old Captain America movies - it was very self-aware that the entire premise was comic book inspired so never really took itself seriously, which made it hard for me to watch.

So next week will be what, Spidy & Friends, the X-Men toon where Wolverine sounded Aussie (now unironicly played by an Aussie), or perhaps X-Men: TAS - the cartoon that introduced me to Marvel in the first place, bringing stories such as Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix sagas to the mall screen.

For some reason,i've been rewatching the old 1996 Hulk animated TV show, and i kinda really hope that you'll eventuallytalk about that

Major BBCode derp on the first page.

That's often the case with articles by Bob.

OT: I think pretty much everyone on this site has heard of it.
But I never saw it, thinking it couldn't be good with a TV budget behind it.
Interesting to hear it's actually decent!

But what about

Power Pack - 1991
Night Man - 1997-1999
Blade the series - 2006

Since this week you just did the 1998 Nick Fury pilot 2 of those above qualify.

I always assumed this was also a Marvel series (or based of the X-men at least).

EDIT: IMDB gives Marvel Studios as one of the production companies.

I always assumed this was also a Marvel series (or based of the X-men at least).

EDIT: IMDB gives Marvel Studios as one of the production companies.

I believe that is an original series not actually based on an existing comic instead the comic came after.

So missing that off of the list is understandable.

Might as well change the column to MovieBob's "COMICBOOK ADAPTATIONS ARE WWWWWEEEEEEEIII . . . well interesting sometimes".

Wait, what? First Yahtzee compliments an MMO, ow Bob says something nice about the Hoff's take on Nick Fury? How- what- Is this some kind of karmic payback for something?!
But yeah, this column was hilarious, and I liked the backstory you gave for 616 Nick Fury, and your hate of the '90's is strong here, and your take on the Ultimate Universe is brilliant because it's so very very true. Bob made this movie actually sound like fun!
For next week, do the criminally short-lived live-action Blade series.

Mutant X IS technically Marvel property... and there were law suits between 20thFox and Marvel over the matter, but Mutant X still managed three seasons and 66 total episodes... not to mention a comicbook mini series from Marvel (& no, not the title that followed Havok & the Six after X-Factor.)

But, as part of those lawsuits point out, Mutant X neither had much similarity to, nor drew from, any Marvel Universe continuity.

I wouldn't mind seeing Bob delve into it... but where Marvel-centric TV is concerned, it's pretty fringe.

Good God yes.....My favorite comic book character is 616- Nick Fury, Love the Steranko artwork and direction, love everything about him, and then when I started reading Ultimates, they realllly toned him down. In 616, he's a ball-out kick ass and take names, no cost too high kind of character plus the gadgetry and character design is sooo cool, but in the Ultimates, (and then the MCU), he's nothing but administrator, sure he says some cool stuff, but that's the main difference, Samuel L. Fury says some cool things and LOOKS badass, while the 616 Fury was always saying cool things while BEING badass. After being past the age where I would have watched the TV movie, I went back and watched it like a month ago, and oh mah gosh, I enjoyed it immensely. Say you want about David Hasslehoff, He really played the part well and they portrayed the character pretty cool. I enjoyed it way more than any of the depictions of Samuel L Fury on the big screen.

Am I the only one who thought Triple X was a really good movie?

It's been a while since I've seen/read either, but it feels like the Hoff Fury is coming from the same place as Garth Ennis' comic mini-series on Fury. Fury being a former Cold Warrior considered obsolete on the 90s world stage--until it turns out they need him after all. Both come at it from very different directions, though.


I recall watching this on USA Network one night, and honestly, it wasn't a terrible movie. It wasn't great, but I didn't hate it. I was actually surprised to see that it existed at all. I mean, if I hadn't caught it, there was no way I'd even know it was out there.

I always preferred Dirk Anger: Agent of HATE

I watched that movie four times, back when I had pay t.v. It wasn't good or bad, it was entertaining. I don't recall who made it, but at least they were decent to let the rights revert back instead of mastering the money-hemorrhaging techniques that Fox and Sony are willing to inflict on themselves.


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