Galactic Civilizations III Beta Warps In to Steam

Galactic Civilizations III Beta Warps In to Steam

The third entry in Stardock's popular 4x Galactic Civilizations series is aspiring to be bigger, better, and richer than ever.

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This game is going to WRECK MY LIFE. Seriously, it sounds like they took Gal Civ II and have added all the stuff I would have wanted added.

I really need to upgrade my PC to handle it, as it sounds like its going to be a beast to run!

Good example of the benefit of early access:

"The first thing that's different is that the game is actually fun now," joked Boyer of the game's transition from alpha to the beta. The alpha was a bare-bones framework of Stardock's goals for GalCiv III, but Boyer said that "most of the game dynamics are in now," some of which were designed with the help of fans who put down money for the Founder's Elite Edition of the game. "One of the advantages of doing the Founders' program the way we did was that we got this hardcore, core fanbase that really cares and they're constantly giving us feedback." he said, adding how some features - like orbital shipyards that can be supplied by multiple planets - were included out of discussions with fans. "A lot of it is really good."

I've always said that early access is something that should be intended for the extremely dedicated, not general consumption. I know I'm going to love this game but I certainly don't want burning the hours it will hold my attention beta testing it.

Dang! Now I need to buy it! I was really holding back, waiting for the official release and see how it does. But now I can't wait and I WANT IT NOW! Good article though. Thanks for changing my mind.


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