Uncivil War: Sonic the Hedgehog - Who Can Kill Less Robots?

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I'm going to be that guy...

It's "who can kill fewer robots" dagnamit...

No, no, please, be that guy.

I will be that guy too.

We should start a 'that guy' club!

OT: Now there has to be a quasi-pacifist speed run!

Dominic Crossman:
I used 2 play a game with my dad called who can get the most red cards on fifa, and who can get disqualified the in other sports games.

just an idea.

I love this idea, it could make for a truly hilarious episode.



Either first to get to Firelink Shrine or farthest in a certain amount of time.

How do you measure "farthest" in a non linear game?

Most levels gained?

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