Remembering Robin Williams Through Movies

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Casual Shinji:
Aw come on, still no Fisher King. That movie gets ignored way too much.

It's atleast acknowledged as being one of Gilliams best, next to Brazil. But i'm still surprised that Bob didn't mention it, imo it's one of the best roles Williams ever had, and one of the best movies featuring him.

I am not necessarily surprised that Bob omitted this film from his list as it might not lend to the point Bob was making, but I am very surprised that no one has mentioned it yet...

...perhaps Williams' greatest role, and the certainly his starmaking turn, is as TS Garp in The World According to Garp. It's just one of an impressive handful of true classics in Williams' filmography, but it was perhaps the most courageously cast given that Robin Williams was more an oddity of a minor celebrity than a proven actor when he was tapped.

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