True Blood Review: The Clock Keeps Ticking

True Blood Review: The Clock Keeps Ticking

The season finale is looming, but a whole lot of nothing is (still) happening in Bon Temps.

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With the trouble Sookie always seems to be getting in to, she reminds me of Kim Bauer.

Hey, a goat!
But seriously, except for Ginger's spastic orgasm, this episode was kinda dull. Sure the plot was moved along a little, but come on! When's Eric gonna finally zip around at warp speed extracting yakuza hearts? Maybe they're setting up for a Blade-style last minute save from Bill - he gets his blood then proceeds to get oldskool on some home invaders. I hope they are. I dunno what to think about the love square going on. or is it an octagon? Yea, a love octagon. Jessica is making the rounds until she finds her perfect fit and meanwhile the broken relationships she leaves in her wake somehow find a way to get along fine without her. Funny that. It could be worse I guess - that inbred werepanther could come jumping through Jason's window, finding him and Brigette doing...nothing. This was a whole lotta setup with very little payout except for the 1 1/4 sex scenes.

Ok, first of all...since when is a girls first orgasm a sign to stop...and not just a sign that things are starting off well?

Second..what is it with depressed vampires? Louie from Interview with a vampire, and now bill. Stop being so depressed and suicidal vampires!!

Third.....I'm all for orgies, loving multiple people at once etc....but seriously, how many guys is Sookie going to moon over, be sad about etc all at once? She loves bill....she loves Eric, she loves Sam, she loved Alcide.....At least in the books she was basically with each of them at different this point they should just bring Aclide back from the dead and end the series with a big orgy involving all of them (toss in Jessica as well just for kicks). did MR. YAkuza.....know about Eric? He didn't know where sookie lives....couldn't have followed Eric flying though the sky....and had no reason to suspect that sookie could read minds to find out about the cure. The only .....possibility....would be that Newmi told them...but that makes no sense at all.....and how the FAERADSF do they keep capturing Pam? They are FREAKING HUMANS.....Eric and Pam alone destroyed a ton of them at the party (where they where hunting Newmi).....way more then are around them any time why do they keep capturing Pam?. Erik should grab a few other vampires and OBLITERATE them already...or if nothing else...just take off and have nothing to do with them anymore..he doesn't need them now.

Oh well, one episode left...not enough time to really wrap this up in any satisfying way I don't think. I was dissapointed by the books ending.....personally always wanted to see Erik and Sookie end up together (and sookie end up a vampire MAUH).....but it looks like they are leading towards a Bill + Sookie ending here....sigh.

Rather have a Sookie + Jessica ending then that!! (She drank Jessica's blood once..why didn't we ever see any dreams about them!!).

Meh indeed, goat. Honestly I like Jess and Jason's chemistry better than her and Bubba. Though the new blonde may be good for him.

And yes, I'm anticipating Bill tearing through some Yaks.


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