Escapist Podcast: 152: Are You Ready for PAX?

152: Are You Ready for PAX?

This week, we talk about next week. PAX Prime is next weekend and we'll let you know what panels we'll be on, and also we'll talk about what we've been playing.

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I role play by making a quick backstory blurb in my head that guides my choices in game.

I absolutely loved the karma (re: morality) system in Fallout: New Vegas, because it meant absolutely nothing. It was actually really hard to be evil in that game because hardly anyone would give you bad karma for killing them....but alot of things would give you good karma: bandits, zombies, and such. The primary plus or minus for murdering people (and getting caught) is your reputation with given factions, which feels alot smoother. Good or evil, my character wants everyone to like him. It mildly irks me if a game gives me good guy points for saying good guy things...when this is my evil character who is just saying what makes people like him so he has an easier job robbing them blind later.

On a related note, mildly irks me when I can't even choose certain chat options if I'm not good or evil enough. In preparation for ME3, I decided to go back through the prior 2 and make a character to import in. (For one thing making sure everyone survived that mission) Rather than focus on a full Paragon or Renegade character, I ran a character that chose fairly similar to what I would do.....well, glorified space cowboy me, anyway. Sometimes I would be paragon and sometimes I would be renegade. This led to a certain situation where you, in theory, have a choice between letting one of two characters live on and stay in your group. The problem is, if you aren't either sufficiently paragon or renegade enough for the chat options to light up, you don't actually get to make a decision. If you are too neutral it defaults you to the paragon choice when I wished to make the renegade choice. It felt weird in that instance.


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