True Blood Review: The End Has Finally Come

True Blood Review: The End Has Finally Come

The series finale offers a sweet message for True Blood fans.

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I have to agree that this episode was a let down, most because of Bill's stupid antics. He chose to die, over the objections of those who (for whatever stupid reason) love him, and then makes them conform to his views as a dying request.

Really?!? You do now get to basically commit suicide and act like you have terminal cancer and get a a series of dying requests. What an asshole!

Also, when they started with the whole Sookie can hear Bill's thoughts and him feeling so human, my wife and I were convinced that they were going to do the whole Sookie and Bill become human and live happily ever after thing. Kinda glad they killed him instead.

So glad this show is over. What with all the introduction of new things that never needed to be introduced. Like dwarves and being able to read Bills thoughts. I am glad Tara was in almost every episode but it would have been better if she was alive but I guess it gave Pan a reason to find Eric. I was mad at all the pathetic ways the people died between Alcide and Victoria's death. Also I did not like how the infected Vamp threat seemed to be more of an afterthought then a real threat. Most of the time it was "By the way beware of infected Vamp's" because I am sure most of the viewers had forgotten. I am glad Bill died, it is better than Sookie somehow curing him of vampirism which I thought was going to happen. The best part of season was Eric and Pam, too bad they did not have that much air time.

It was a blast working on set for the show and I will miss it, but even I have to admit it was pretty hard to watch from the start. I'm guessing the editing was amazing because what we saw on set was just incredibly hard to take with a straight face. That being said the principal actors on the show were all tremendously nice people behind the scenes. I don't recall a single point where any of the principals were the slightest bit rude or acted like primadonna's. I have much respect for all of them.

I couldn't really get mad at Bill. Sure he got his affairs in order, and he was dying, but you have to remember; Bill was born and raised in the mid 1800's. Even after 200 years, those life lessons he learned early on are going to stay with him.

Second, I didn't mind him trying to kill himself so Sookie could live normally. Sookie spent the better part of, well, every season showing incredibly poor judgment. There's a reason her in series nickname was "Danger Slut." Bill hoped that with him and Eric gone from her life, she'll stop being put in and, and putting herself in, dangerous situations. She's a vampire magnet.

Plus, I got the feeling he was getting really tired of the whole "immortality" thing. His personality just didn't seem to adapt to the limitless lifespan the same way Eric did.

I love how the whole conversation between her and Bill at his gravesite was one big metaphor for the audience and the show. That's how I knew she'd kill him. Because if Bill = True Blood, then True Blood finale = Bill's inevitable death. Of course this gives the director yet another reason to cover Anna Paquin head to toe in blood. I had kinda hoped that Eric might have some solidarity for his race and force the company to synthesize a full cure rather than renting out the powerwhore for thousands. But that'd be out of character. This begs the question, how long can a person last chained in a dungeon, being drained every day?

First off, thank you Heather for the recaps.

Secondly, I have to say that this show is literally a guilty pleasure for me - I feel guilty for having watched it. While it had a lot of interesting, compelling characters, it only had two good seasons where the show felt stable and halfway meaningful instead of abandoning and starting plotlines every other episode and relegating the actual protagonist of the show, Sookie, to the sidelines in important matters. The show also lost any moral coherency a long time ago. Honestly, I don't actually regret watching this thing, and it must have done something right because I've kept with it right to the end, but I can't in good faith recommend it to anyone, nor can I call it a good show. It did things other shows didn't, but that's about it.

A strange beast, True Blood.

I've loved the show, hated the end.

What Bill did was suicide, no doubt about it. For an immortal (and only for an immortal being) that's acceptable. I get that at some point in forever you might decide you've had enough. Traumatizing the person you claim to love the most by making her pull the "trigger" is a major douche move, as well as doing it in a way that leaves her defenseless to the myriad threats that are still alive and well and aware of her existance despite her potential lack of powers.

It just seemed to undermine a lot of the underlying themes of the series, especially the vampire acceptance message that Hoyt and Jessica's awkwardly forced marriage was trying to send, and while I'm glad Sookie retained her power I felt the whole end was bruttaly anticlimatic. No drama, no discernable purpose, just a broken shovel and a splat. I feel like the writers were building up to another ending in which the Sookie strain of Hep V was turning Bill human, allowing her to read his thoughts, and her fairy bomb was going to be the tool to burn away the last of his vampirism and make him a real boy again. It probably wouldn't have sat well with most of us, but I think it still would have left a better taste in my mouth than Sookie Kevorkian.

Ah well, at least I finally got the World of Darkness series that I never got out of that horrible Kindred the Embraced series. True Blood you were funny, frightening, and pants on head insane. You will be missed.


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