Escapist Podcast - Tabletop: 011: Streaming D&D on Twitch Is Weird

011: Streaming D&D on Twitch Is Weird

After several sessions livestreaming the starter set of the newest version of D&D on our Twitch channel, we take a moment to talk about what we like, don't like, and how different it is from how we regularly play.

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Watching the live d&d is oddly entertaining. Never thought it would be. BTW, I only want Paul to succeed and am actively rooting against Justin and Greg. It isn't that I have ill will towards Justin and Greg, I think they are hilarious. But Paul needs all the help and vindication he can get.

I got mentioned in the Podcast... ..I think maybe I talk TOO much on the Twitch chat.

Anyway, good to hear your going to go ahead with other games in future! I'm still hoping you'll do a Paranoia playthough, I'd love to see how far you will all go to serve Friend Computer.

And I'll admit, I've very much been enjoyng the D'n'D stream. Indeed I've promoted it a fair few times in the chat during the Escapist's other streams, hopefully introduced a few people to the fun of watching you all suf..., have fun.

I think that smaller groups work better for broadcasts; the more people, the more complicated it can get, the more chances someone has a specific ability that fits this situation, the more time is spent on metagame organization and less on actually playing.

With that in mind, I'd love to see an Apocalypse World campaign of a few sessions; that's a game where having 3 or 4 players really helps paint a beautiful world, giving enough space to build something cool and have it crash against everybody else at speed without clogging up the landscape.

And Dread would be great for a live one-shot: Immediately accessible, no rules that the players know of that the audience doesn't follow, tension that ramps well, and it has a really dynamic look that carries over to video much better than "some guys talking with paper in their hands."


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