Touring Titan: The Alien Sights of Saturn's Largest Moon

Touring Titan: The Alien Sights of Saturn's Largest Moon

NASA's Chief Scientist takes us on a guided tour of the wonderfully alien sights of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

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I'm always up for some pictures from the surface of an alien world.

I am actually designing a base on titan for a small 3D animation project based upon an old video game intro. It does not say what planet the intro takes place on but I feel that Titan would add some weight to it as well as pretty it up a little.

I love this stuff!!! Things like this, or the sounds that planets make in space are fascinating to me. I really do believe that one day mankind is going to make its way off the Earth and migrate to other habitable planets... but thats a loooong ways away. Technology has to catch up to the ideas, and all that jazz!

I can't hear titan and not of QI and Ross Noble's tangent about tossing ewoks into pools of liquid farts. I was in pain from laughing so hard.

But is there an attack upon it?


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