B'lyeh Fhlop

B'lyeh Fhlop

It's time to plumb this depth like a c'thannon ball.

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I love the non-Euclidean geometry background. Nice touch.

Good, the cold is coming again. Time to stock up on firewood or die, humans.

It kinda looks like an ood who really let itself go. :D

You do a great cute C'thulhu, Nick. Look at his little belly button.

Can't stop grinning.

With how beloved R'lyeh water-park is, it's no wonder people keep trying to raise it again! While you wait for it to appear once more, may I suggest you visit the quaint town of Innsmouth, famous for its alternative religion.

Awww, this actually made me feel a touch sad.

I feel the need to go jump in a pool before the Far North winter hits us.

One day, Cthulhu... one day, you'll swim happily again.

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even the pool may reopen.

Hey, ho, let's go, Cthulhu F'Taghan
What they want I don't know because they're alien and too bizarre to fathom....

What, this isn't a Ramones reference?

Colour Scientist:
It kinda looks like an ood who really let itself go. :D

That is so typical. Ood are you humans' way of idealising poor Elder Gods to fit within your standards. Gah. I'm so sick of this idea that an ancient alien being must conform to your standards of existence to fit into media.

....Too dark?

That is not done having fun which can eternal leap,
And with strange cannonballs even pool water may fly.

Once again, the beautifully realized style of these 'toons reminds me somewhat of Plimptoons minus the animation, plus some Lovecraftian insanity.
A perfect storm of cool.

Happy 1-year anniversary Nick. You made it. We all said you wouldn't, but here you are.

We mentioned last week that it would be cool if we all made a crayon drawing for you. I don't have access to crayons, the finincial means to purchase them, or the technology to manufacture them myself. So I drew you this on a standard engineering pad. It doesn't have the colorific charm of your doodles. Nor does it posses any Cthulus or clowns. Still, I tried to stick to your theme of basic illustration and blue ball-point-penned up a little something stupid. Enjoy. (Okay, I dropshadowed the hell out of it. in Photoshop.)
Never take your abs for granite.

I hope we get another one of these, I like this bizarre series. o:


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