Feed Dump: The Ghost of Sexual Relations Past

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I probably shouldn't be surprised that there are people outside Britain who know about Black Books (because it's awesome) I still got excited when it was referenced in this.

More excited than I should have. I'm 28 years old for fucks sake.

I also enjoyed the supermarket references.

Yellow card to Tally.

Graham's knowledge of British supermarkets and which are the posh ones is very impressive

where is the new episode. I don't know weird and wacky news of the past week/month.

I was back in classes yesterday so I didn't look too hard but now I see that we missed a day?

Say it ain't so! D:

I need dumps of feeds! All of the feeds!

Unless it was the most boring week of the year and nothing zany happened. But on this planet? Hmmm

Mmmm, delicious pandering. As a big fan from the UK I approve.

Black Books reference!
I love you guys forever.

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