Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 018: A Nap Among The Tombstones

018: A Nap Among The Tombstones

Movie studios continue to enjoy the post-lunchtime nap otherwise known as the break between blockbuster season and Fall, when we switch gears to award-bait movies. Now is the time when movies of middling-to-terrible quality are quietly snuck into theaters to die ignoble deaths when no one goes to see them. Well, except of us course. Both Bob and Ross managed to see a couple of these movies, and they talk about them at length. They also talk about plot twists, period films, the forgotten John Ritter comedy "Stay Tuned", and the genius of director Mike Hodges. It's filler-episode-tastic!

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Every Australian has a bit of a chuckle when Eric "Poida" Bana is mentioned as a great actor.

The whole time you were talking about Shocker, I thought you meant the Spiderman villain in diamond patterned jammys. Didn't help that you then brought in Spiderman's Electro for comparison! Curse your cross genre comparisons. Though a new serial killer movie starring the Spiderman Shocker would be something I would aggressively watch.

When they brought up cell phones/smart phones in horror movies topic, my first thought was that it would be way too easy for a slasher villain to pick off kids if they're too busy texting or playing games. Picture a group of teens having a texting conversation between one another, not even breaking eye contact with their phones, being stabbed in the chest by Jason with his trademark machete.


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