8 Movie Sequels The World Would Be Better Without

8 Movie Sequels The World Would Be Better Without

Not all movie sequels are made equal, some are better than others. Today we celebrate the sequels that didn't really add anything good to the series. Hopefully the pointless sequels won't keep happening, but I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for that to occur.

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I mostly agree with the list, but Ghostbusters 2 was friggin awesome and nobody can convince me otherwise.

I mostly agree with the list, but Ghostbusters 2 was friggin awesome and nobody can convince me otherwise.

I feel the same way about Gremlins 2. The original was too much horror* and not enough satire.

*Especially since I was 7 at the time. Curse you, lack of PG-13 in 1984!

I mostly agree with the list, but Ghostbusters 2 was friggin awesome and nobody can convince me otherwise.


And Jamie Kennedy think SotM is his Magnum Opus.

Mods are Cunts:
Why are Gremlins 2 and Ghostbusters 2 on this list? they were both really entertaining especially if you were under 12 when they came out.

That's true of most things that came out around that age. I thought Mortal Kombat and its sequel were legit good when I was 12, too.

Call me one of those freaks who enjoys Gremlins 2 more than the first movie. The first Gremlins was a tonal mess, starting out with childish comedy followed by horror and then trying to circle back into comedy again. Watching them try and fit the two together was like watching a 2-year old fingerpaint. Oddly punctuated by some very unfitting backstory of childhood trauma.

Gremlins 2 on the other hand decided to just keep it simple and focus on the comedy and the lunacy of the Gremlins themselves. Joe Dante was also a more confident director at the point and it shows.

Gremlins 2 has Hulk Hogan threatening Gremlins who replaced the film reels with porn. And then they murder Leonard Maltin for giving Gremlins 1 a bad review.

Plus, it has a bunch of Star Trek guest stars in it and Robert Picardo!

Get over yourself Gremlins 2 was the prefect squeal. Unless you saw Gremlins as just another horror flick....

The Matrix is one of my favourite trilogies, other than the final 10 minutes. Everything right up until the sacrifice and the sunny day and rainbow.

XXX: State of the Union. XXX certainly wasn't a masterpiece, but it was Citizen Kane compared to the atrocious sequel.

Basically every "Jaws" movie past the first one.

Miss Congeniality 2. I honestly can't think of a sequel that less people were asking for.

I won't be original: Ghostbusters 2 was good. Not as good as 1, but good.

Now the rest of those movies can all go die in a car fire for all I care.

I don't think the world would be a better place without the Gremlins and Ghostbusters sequels. They were fun movies.

I would've replaced Ghostbusters 2 with Terminator: Salvation. I'll give T3 consolation points for at least embracing a pale shade of the spirit of the second movie, but Salvation did a miserable job of duplicating the first movie's sense of gravitas, the wooden acting and flat plot making the proceedings self-important to the point of ridiculousness.

You missed one of the worst sequels ever made.

Caddyshack 2

Terminator 3

Aliens: Resurrection

There's nothing on the list I distinctly disagree with (though I'd contend that Ghostbusters 2 and the Matrix sequels aren't bad per se, just don't live up to their predecessors), but the above are installments on their respective franchises I wish never existed. :(

I take some degree of offense to a couple of entries here.

My family owned a VHS copy of Ghostbusters 2 and I watched the hell out of it as a kid and really enjoyed it. I saw it on TV not long ago and I still enjoy it.

Secondly while the Matrix sequels get some flack for how far they deviate from the original I still love them. I loved them largely due to the sheer fact I spent about 4 years running around in The Matrix Online and interacting with the world the sequels helped create. Every time I see the movies on TV it makes me nostalgic for my time in MxO.


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