8 Pirates You Probably Haven't Heard Of

8 Pirates You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! To celebrate this festive occasion we are giving you eight pirates you probably haven't heard of, so expect to learn something new. Arrrgh.

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"8 Pirates you probably haven't heard of"

"Number 7: Sir Francis Drake"


Sir Francis Drake is one of England's national heroes. I'll admit he was a terrible person, but to put him on this list is more than a stretch. He was in an episode of Blackadder for christ's sake!

Drake is pretty well known isn't he? He's like in the Top 5 of pirates.

Hah, that was pretty cool! Hope at least one of these makes the cast of video games someday, especially the badass Chinese woman, Ching Shih.

Seriously, Francis Drake? Apart from being a hugely famous pirate, he was also an explorer; discovering swathes of the Americas, a war hero, and was the first Englishman to circumnavigate to globe. Not to mention anyone who played the Uncharted games also got to hear way way more about Francis Drake than they could have possibly wished for. How anyone could he belongs on a list of anything that people probably haven't heard of is beyond me.

Otherwise an OK list and actually a couple on there I hadn't heard of.

It's... A good list, but don't make a habit out of the "...You've probably never heard of" title. It's about as irritating as the "...That will BLOW UR MIND!" title convention.

And avoid that in particular when you've got a figure like Francis Drake on the same list. He is and was many things, but not particularly obscure. :3

I won't add to the 'Francis Drake is so popular he shouldn't be on a list with that title' as it has allready been mentioned, but I will:

Francis Drake is so popular he shouldn't be on a list with that title!

Also... Cavendish is pretty well known in the Isles too! I think we studied him at school... or I might have read about him in a pub once...


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