Tusk Review: Kevin Smith's Latest Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

Tusk Review: Kevin Smith's Latest Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

Kevin Smith's Tusk is a marriage of horror and comedy that doesn't quite work.

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Aww, dammit, this reviews probably means we won't see an Escape to the Movies on this film. Could've been good. But then again, we might not need another of Bob's videos to slam Smith. ;)

This is exactly how my wife and I felt about the movie. It's right down the middle. Not a total lost cause, but definitely not enough to recommend or ever watch again. Everything leading up to the walrus transformation was pretty interesting, but it felt like it rushed to it and there was still half the movie left. Johnny Depp doing Kevin Pollak's Peter Falk impression doesn't quite add up to a full movie.

I love the recommendation boiling down to "This is a Kevin Smith film". Do I want more Kevin Smith in my life? I just don't know.

I get the feeling this could have worked MUCH better as an anthology movie of small, weird, strange ideas, like Sin City or the Twilight Zone movie, where the "joke" isn't stretched out to fill an entire runtime.

Maybe it's because I don't watch a lot of horror films, but I found this movie to be one of THE most fucked up and horrifying experiences I've had in a while. I went into the theater expecting a shitty movie about a killer walrus. I didn't expect

I can agree that it's kind of inconsistent in terms of tone. But I guess that's just part of what makes this all so surreal to me.

So while I can't really say whether the movie is good or bad, it's certainly one of the more memorable movies I've seen. For better or worse.


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