Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Pictures Part 2: Cosplay Highlights

Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Pictures Part 2: Cosplay Highlights

Plenty of impressive cosplayers at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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With the picture on page 9- I can't imagine going to a con bare-foot, I've only been to really crowded cons, but the pain you'd get from people stepping on your feet would be terrible.

Too much Pokemon. Yes, you can have too much Pokemon. No, I don't want to hear it.

Why is "sexy Mario" never "Maria"?

Bayonetta looks incomplete without over-sized Derringers.

Safe-head is clearly easier on the neck muscles than Pyramid-head. Also less hazard of poking children in the eye.

Just going to say what everyone is thinking: Damn that quiet cosplay has got it going on!

Kindda sub par to be honest, comparing to the other cosplay articles we've seen here.

Is there any way to view these on one page?

On the Smash Bros group pick, who is that supposed to be between Wario and Young Link?

Dang, it's always impressive to see what people can come up with. Makes me wanna try cosplaying... if only I hade the money/materials/skills for that...


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