How to Make The Sims Double As A Corporate Workplace Simulator

How to Make The Sims Double As A Corporate Workplace Simulator

After playing The Sims 4, Yahtzee offers some suggestions that would make gameplay a bit easier to endure.

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Waitaminute, if you did implement first-person view in The Sims without changing the controls, how do you make your Sim turn their head in order to look at the thing you want them to interact with?

I wouldn't want to go first person with my Sims for the same reason a child wouldn't want to live as one of the ants under his magnifying glass; it's an exercise in power, not empathy.

Anyways, I think Sims could do well as a permanent game like WoW. They've got all the bones they need, now just spend a decade or two releasing expansion packs rahter than trying to rebuild from the ground up. Add in something that lets you send off a Sim to explore another person's town and it will be a steady moneymaker. Heck, add something where you can kidnap a Sim from a friend and do a variety of non-lethal things to them (or maybe make clones to kill) before sending them back with a collection of photos of what happened to them when their god wasn't there to protect them, and you'd have the best game of the year.


Silly Yahtzee, of course they've already done that in the past as DLC (Sims 2 Open for Business and Sims 3 Ambitions), and of course they will again. :) Although actually playing out the corporate world would be new.

Sims 2 Open for Business actually had an amazing, actually innovative as in the actual meaning of the word not just a buzzword, mechanism for how you ran your businesses (retail, etc.) that was almost worthy of its own game. I'm pretty sure whoever worked it out was long ago killed in an EA Corporate Massacre for being too creative.

In other news, it's sad that I seem to log in mostly to talk about the Sims, given I stopped buying EA products four years ago. I'll have to work on that.

My ideal The Sims game would definitely involve a heavier workplace emphasis. It would also be online-only (because that could work MUCH better for The Sims than for SimCity). It probably wouldn't get a number, but rather be explicitly marketed as a side-game (kinda like The Sims Online, but not shit).

First off, there would be a brand new item builder. It'd probably have to be a separate app, but something specifically designed to work with the core game. You start with base templates for different types of items (chairs, tables, mirrors), and a fancy toolset for modifying or tweaking 'em. Maybe even add a "from scratch" mode that gives users parts and lets 'em put those parts together however they want. Want a 3-wide couch with two seat cushions and one connected back? Cool, you can do that. Want a fancy huge table with 8 legs? Cool, you can do that. EA can monetize this by giving a core set of parts to work with, and charging for additional textures and pieces. For example, maybe there's some floral pattern and rounded table leg you want, they're 50 cents each, so you can design your stupid ugly table for a dollar.

Next, I would totally rework buy mode. No longer is it something you can pause your game and do on the fly whenever you want. Instead, your sim has to actually go into town and go to a shop. For simplicity's sake, you can still see your home and drop stuff in while your sim is shopping (nobody wants to buy a bunch of stuff and THEN position it), but at least one sim has to actually GO shopping for furniture and the like. Why complicate it like this? Because it leads into my next idea, which is where things get interesting.

Users can run their own shops. In those shops, they can sell custom item designs. It's basically a built-in modding community right there; Joe 3DGuy can design his own fancy furniture and import it into the game. They can sell items for either simoleans or real money, their choice. If they use simoleans, they set the price, and their sim's daily takehome is based on what they sell rather than an arbitrary daily income. If they use real money, the player sees a chunk of the profits, and EA takes a chunk. This incentivizes content creation, and even incentivizes paying for parts in the item builder. EA is happy, player is happy. To keep the game from being completely ruined, maybe NPC sims will also buy some of their simolean-priced stuff.

Here's the catch: Since the game is online, all players in a region share the same clock, which advances whether or not they're playing. A sim would need to be at work in a shop in order for the player that owns the shop to sell things, but a sim can't work more than eight hours in a day (SimWorld has really strict overtime laws, and sims need sleep). If a sim is making enough simoleans, they can hire another sim to work different hours and pay a standard daily wage, but it's less takehome for the shopowner. They can also hire other family members in the same household to work for free, but this strains their relationship since they won't see each other as much, and means that person isn't working another job for more money or keeping the house clean. Teen household members can work also, but only for a maximum four hours daily, and not during school hours. Really, I see managing shop hours as a large part of this game.

Due to the nature of what I've described, a few things would have to change from previous entries. Aging would need completely reworked or even eliminated, but unlike with TS4 removing toddlers, there's actually a reason this time beyond "we didn't have time to implement it". An MMO-style time system would mean pause and fast-forward are completely removed, because all players need to have synchronized time (to make sales possible when a player is offline). The more MMO-like nature of the game would mean serious changes for households and individual sims as accounts.

What I'm imagining to solve the household problem is each player account starts with one household of up to, let's say three adult sims and three kids. Since sims act as workers for shops (or other jobs; we're not eliminating those), the sims themselves become a commodity. You can move your sims out to start their own households, but there's a financial cost to the household as they will take some of the money with them. This also carries risk as the more homes you own in a region, the less room there is for other players who might want to buy your stuff (a non-issue for people who are just playing to play). Single sims can marry NPCs who they meet in public places (think downtown in Hot Date), or sims owned by other players (offer/counter-offer system involving trading sims for simoleans, so the player who loses his sim isn't screwed).

The best part is, by relying on user-generated content, I think this game could be free-to-play without having the usual free-to-play pitfalls. Think something similar to Team Fortress 2's monetization. I could definitely see a game like this being fun for players, profitable for enthusiasts and "professional" players, and downright lucrative for EA.

P.S. Thanks

Vinesauce put a gun in The Sims 3. You're right, it was better.

"and shag them in a stationery cupboard"
Fond memories from that one temp office job again?

First person view, disasters and workplace.
Why they did not implement this in 4 or 3 baffles me (as a non player of this series).
Especially FP view...


It would be hillariously realistic in "Sims Online" if your game got paused when you do not play, but your neighbour still can interact with your sims.
You don't play for a while, go online and your friends sim is madly in love with yours while your sim goes "Do I know you?"
The amount of meta in there would be off the charts...

To be honest I would probably find the appeal in a first person The Sims game. Unless I'm playing an RTS or something like that I've always taken issue with having small models that I have to zoom in to see in games. Going into first person might make the game more interesting.

I always thought they should introduce drugs and drug addiction to the game. Any time I've wanted to try the game, I'd ask someone who plays it if I could make a rockstar who bangs everyone in town with a raging alcohol or heroine addiction and I always get the response, "You can be a rockstar who bangs everyone in town..." It's not the same if their life isn't spinning out of control towards inevitable tragedy. I think I'd appreciate the game more if they added more real world hardships so that it wasn't just building up a suburban castle but building up a suburban castle while struggling against serious and crippling adversity.

Workplaces in the sims. They attempted that with the responsibility sysystems in sims medieval which was pretty meh and gave me more mocromanagement

I seem to remember sims 1 for ps2 having a first person cheat, that was amazing. Considering the graphics it is probably just more scary nowadays.

If there is a first person option, I'd like to hear rthe thoughts of whichever Sim you're controlling, with subtitles of course.

Basically a 'Make Your Own Episode of Peepshow' mone then? Would you have to make a David Mitchell and Robert Webb to interact with your sims?

not being able to enter work places and buildings was a major complaint of sims 3 and got the nickname of rabbit holes.

when they added more occupation with expansions they tended to add full workplaces like a fire station for instance.

for me sims3 was the ultimate open world rpg.. my super villain character who lived in a former nuclear silo unleashed a zombie apocalypse and created a dystopian future and turned every robot she ran into evil

First person view and a gun? Did Yahtzee really just advocate turning The Sims into an FPS?

First person view and a gun? Did Yahtzee really just advocate turning The Sims into an FPS?

Yeah, between this and the article on disliking isometric/top-down perspectives in games, I think he's desperate for another great FPS game, one akin to Postal II by the sounds of it.

If there were to be a gun tool, could it be accompanied by "The Shooting" song from Lonely Island? Also remember to make the sim fall down in slow motion.


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