Sleepy Hollow Returns with More of Everything that Made it Great

Sleepy Hollow Returns with More of Everything that Made it Great

Monday's premiere was more of what's always made Sleepy Hollow fun, but it covers little new ground.

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Coming soon - Ichabod driving lessons! After that, Catrina's confusion over cellphones and horseless carriages. I'm so happy this show isn't on HBO. I don't think I could handle seeing Ben's ass.

I keep waiting for Ichabod failing at modern devices to stop being funny and it never does.

The very heartfelt moment where he's recording the video telling Abby that he wants her to know he never stopped fighting then ends it only to find out the memory was full so nothing recorded? Priceless. I laughed for a good 30 seconds.

The beginning was actually really good too. Its obvious what's goin on, but I'm so used to weird time skips that I figured they would just backtrack to get us to where we were. There was that nagging thought that this seems wrong, but I didn't think much of it. That is, until the show revealed what was going on and everyone involved had a collective ohhhh moment. Really well done.

edit -

I am confused by somethin though. Moloch describes the horsemen of war as the second horsemen to appear, but I could have sworn that pestilence had already popped up. Wasn't that what the whole village frozen in time episode was about?


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