Surviving Slender Man - A Scrapbook of Growing Madness

Surviving Slender Man - A Scrapbook of Growing Madness

Midnight City wants you to invite Slender Man into your living room with Slender: The Arrival on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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I just showed this to a friend of mine who's a big CreepyPasta guy and is active on a few of the sites where CreepyPasta enthusiasts congregate (except for the CreepyPasta Wiki, which, in his words, is "run by a bunch of self-righteous, elitist hacks who don't get that they're supposed to be a wiki and not some high-brow writer's club that wants to forget the stories that made CreepyPasta big in the first place. Seriously, fuck those guys."), and he thought it was awesome.

His only comment was that having Slender: The Arrival on Xbox 360/PS3 kinda removes some of the creepy ambiance that adds to the game's scare factor (hard to have headphones plugged and still playing something like this comfortably in front of a TV screen.

Personally, I kind of agree with him, but it's still awesome promo material.

I like that someone took the time to do this. Slightly less that it was done as a commercial tie in.

My friends and I used to play a game of sorts where we would create journals such as this, or boxes full of fake letters and correspondence, manila envelopes full of weird photos, video tapes and conspiracy theories and then just leave them in public places for people to find.

I have no evidence that any of our efforts were ever found or appreciated but I like to think I made someones day just a little more weird.

That's some fine, creepy promotion work! Cudos!
Sad that you can't do that for a big audience! Thanks for sharing!

Page 16 scared the living shit out of me. Insanely well done.


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