No Right Answer: Game Feature That Needs to Come Back

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couch coop is good. it has a meaningfull purpose. sadly this is quickly going dead, even gamesl ike civilization is removing hotseat mode. for no reason at all really.

i didnt relaize there existed fans of FMVs though. they always seem completely out of place and like the developers wanted to show up his cousin more than he wanted to make a game. even in games that were 99% FMVs like the Xfiles it still felt kinda odd.

Good luck getting same-room multiplayer back. Companies want each person to buy their own console, their own game, their own internet, their own LIVE accounts to even get multiplayer, and be isolated in their own rooms, then try to bullshit about "social gaming".

Mmm FMV, I do like the c&c series. Oh yes 80ties schlock.

But local co op kinda is nicer to have. That is what the WII did so well. more players in the same game. And what is lacking in todays gaming.

Couch co-op for sure. My entire youth of gaming was couch co-op. TMNT2 on the NES with my brother, that's probably some of the best times I've had in my life. Playing Goldeneye on the N64 with my buddies drinking a beer and laughing... that's a quality experience.
I think that any game that has online multiplayer should be able to have local multiplayer. It's not THAT hard... but it's a damn good selling point for both a game and a console. The only reason I would consider buying anything Nintendo is because it has games that I can play with my friends. Heck, I still rip out the gamecube every once in a while for Double Dash and Smash bros... I just realised I'm only talking nintendo here... but the same goes for many playstation titles like Dynasty Warriors.

Just wanted to point out that Halo 4 was one of the few games that have come out recently that *did* have couch coop and couch multiplayer so not sure why you used *that* as an example.

OT: I really do wish more games would do couch coop but the reality is that there from a business sense there isn't much return on investment so most publishers probably don't want devs to spend money on it. Adding couch coop isn't just as simple as splitting the screen in 4 and taking the online competitive multiplayer experience and putting it in there. From a programming perspective I imagine it's a lot more intensive to render all four views of the four players on one machine so it would need a lot more work in terms of optimization to make sure it all runs smoothly. Heck, games nowadays are barely optimized to run at 60 (or 30 at the minimum) FPS for one person let alone 4 in the push to get your yearly franchise out during the holiday season.

As for FMV, Remedy seems intent on working with it seeing as they had it in Alan Wake's American Nightmare and now are doing an entire TV show style interlude for cutscenes in Quantum Break.

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