LEGO Mos Eisley: A Hive of Scum and Mini-Figures

LEGO Mos Eisley: A Hive of Scum and Mini-Figures

We recently assembled LEGO's Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina set and thought it'd fun to share our tale of plastic construction as well as the many mishaps that accompanied it.

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As someone who reads a lot of reviews of lego sets... This is a just plain bad review. The pictures are blurry and on ugly backgrounds. The pacing is bad, and there's little actual discussion of the elements and construction. Please leave the lego reviews to actual hobbyists, guys.

What's with the age lines on that Luke minifig? He looks like ROTJ Mark Hamill after that unfortunate car crash, not the young moisture farmer.

3 hours? The ten year old me would have got this done in an hour (including unwrapping and putting the new VHS rerelease of A New Hope in the VCR and hitting play). Now I've gotta see how old I'm getting. I at least have the advantage of working a lot with tiny parts and wiring since then. The only thing that scares me is buying this set and getting hooked on the "Danish Crack" again. Maybe I'll just wait for Black Friday and buy of the all Star Wars sets in the store. But, they got Lord of the Rings sets now, and I saw some neat Lego Space sets that remind me of the space and submarine ones I have boxed up in the basement. D'oh, can we stop talking about Lego before I max out my credit card?

Those stickers and I will never be good friends. I have never understood why they began to use stickers instead of just printing it on the brick as they used to.


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