8 Sandbox Games That Will Leave You Wandering

8 Sandbox Games That Will Leave You Wandering

Sandbox games let you experience the world the way you want to experience it. So today lets celebrate some of the best open world games to have been created.

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Fallout and Minecraft? I am sensing skitter bias.

So nothing from the Assassin's Creed or Batman:Arkham games? Weird. And disappointing.

captcha: which one is biggest?
Texas. Now THAT could be a sandbox for a game.

With regards to Fallout 3 I hate that the game makes you be a total dick to see one of its best scenes. That nuke going off is amazing, just sad you have to wipe out so many people to do it (and Moira Brown survives).

Seriously, no Elder Scrolls or Assassin's Creed games?

That title is kind of lacking, I'd recommend "8 Incredible Sandbox Games That Will Leave You Wandering Forever - You Won't Believe How Much Time This Little Girl Spent In No. 7" instead.

Having GTAIII and Stalker SoC in the same list? Epic, both are some of my all time favorite games.

Also where is Red Dead Redemption? It is literally in the sand.

No Elder Scrolls or Just Cause 2?
There is just so much to do in Skyrim, and with mods even more.
And with Just Cause 2, that map is just so huge, I doubt anyone has ever discovered everything there is to discover in that game, It's just THAT BIG.

I spent so many hours wandering around in Fallout 3 and saw quite a few amazing, disturbing, and funny things. And despite more than one playthrough, I think I've still yet to see everything there is.

Most of those are open world games.

Sandoxes tend to have procedural generation and some ability to change the status quo of the game, either the landscape or the NPCs. A game that simply lets you choose the order in which to take quests or lets you tackle pre-canned objectives at different angles isn't a sandbox.

Also where is Red Dead Redemption? It is literally in the sand.

It was disqualified for not being very boxy.


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