Which October Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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Which October Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

The deluge of amazing games continues in October. Here's what you should be most excited about for next month.

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It is amazing how many AAA-titles are coming next month! Although I am only looking forward to Cvilization Beyond Earth. I loved CiV so much that this CBE is already the most anticipated game 2014 for me :)

Was never able to play the first one, so now to get both number 1 and 2 in one set will be awesome!
Looking forward to it. Just hoping all the Hyrule Warriors I am gaming now won't take away from enoying another fighting game. Most likely not :P

Aw shit, son, I wanna see 'em all. I wanna rub my face up against the cover of a physical copy of every single one! I wanna be barred from my local video game store for nudity!

I'm going to get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and I look forward to seeing how Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within turn out as well. That improvised weapon looks impressively resourceful.

I am on the fence about Alien Isolation right now for it sounds interesting, but at the same time I have concerns that it might not be something I enjoy. Everything I have seen and read on it hasn't swayed me one way or the other about it and it might come down to either a Steam sale or a Let's Play video before I make my mind up. I was also a little put off by the pre-order content, but that is a different story all together.

The one game that is almost a certainty that I will be purchasing is Borderlands: THe Pre-Sequel. At first it didn't seem like I really needed another Borderlands game (I already own the first two), but after seeing the new mechanics especially the zero-g environment I think its going to be added to my collection, besides I think I have between 500 and 600 hours combined between the first two games, so I will probably get my money's worth out of it too.

I am 100% buying the new Borderlands and will check to see if either Isolation or Evil Within is getting good reviews. I have a vague feeling neither will do well, critically speaking. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I would also love to play the new Civilization if my computer wasn't a complete piece of melting shit.

Looking forward to Civ: Beyond Earth and Sunset Overdrive.

Okay, not anew game at all, the Battlefield 4 is finally getting the 'this changes everything' update from the CTE set up. It's essentially a re-release into BF4.1 and that has me far more excited than any new products coming this month.

That said, Borderlands will likely get the a lot of mileage out of me and my friends too, Smash Brothers would if any of had a Wii or a 3DS...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The disc won't be leaving my PS3's disc tray even if it is just half as good as 2.

Smash Bros. 3DS is the only one I'm interested in at the moment. I also just remembered it will be out in less than a week! :D

The Evil Within is the only AAA title released in October I'll probably buy before the years end. The others look alright,
but I'd rather wait a year for price reductions and steam sales and such :)

Hmmm, no mention of Shadow of Mordor on that list..... thats the big one I'm looking forward to next week.

Can't buy Bayonetta 2 :(
Not sure about Civ: Space edition :S
I've just got bored with one grinding horde happy game in Destiny, so I doubt I'll be buying Borderlands this time round.

To be honest, nothing in the triple-AAA release schedule interests me at all this coming month. There's just...nothing. Not a single trip-A game.

However, there are some video-game related content releases that do. Most notably: the Terraria 1.3 Lunar update.

I mean, come on...

Plus new armor, weapon, and item sets, new dye options, new building tools and materials, and a slew of other as-yet-unrevealed additions? How can I not be excited? I can't wait.

Though, I'm a bit more interested in the 'other' big project Redigit and his team are working on behind the scenes. I'm lead to believe it's Terraria 2, but it might be some new IP all together.

Either way, Redigit and his team still impress.

Alien Isolation, my second was Evil Within

Just Smash for 3DS. Shame, but this has been one of the worst years for gaming ever. >_<

Hmmm, no mention of Shadow of Mordor on that list..... thats the big one I'm looking forward to next week.

Omitting it is accurate - Shadow of Mordor is releasing Tuesday (on some systems in some locations), which is the last day of September.

Where is the mention of Legend of Grimrock II? Fourteen replies so far and nothing? Tough crowd. That's my second most-anticipated game of October, behind the very popular Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Borderlands 2 is one of the most fun games I've ever played.

Previous Octobers have been very strong on game releases as well, we shouldn't be surprised by the "bumper crop". I believe this has to do with there being a lot of Christmas shoppers in the month of October - October may be the 2nd best month for game releases, behind the clearly dominant November, competing with December for #2.

Shadows of Mordor (yes yes, technically september)..

If I had a Wii U, SSB would probably be on there.

I might check out some LPs of the Borderlands thing, but both the earlier installments put off with the forced "zaniness"

Evil Within, I guess. I doubt I'll buy it anywhere near release but I am curious to see how well it does and if opinion is favourable enough I might pick it up. The only other title there that actually appeals to me is Project Spark but I don't have a One.

November, on the other hand, is looking totally sweet though.

if only i could care about Bayonetta 2
hey why no Samurai Warriors 4

Seth Carter:
Shadows of Mordor (yes yes, technically september)..

This is what I will be playing in October too.

I suppose out of the ones given I most like the look of Alien Isolation, I watched PewDiePie play it for about 10 mins and it was looking pretty good.

I might get that sometime in the future if no horror stories show up. like the last one.

Let me throw in a third vote for Civilization: Beyond Earth. As a huge Alpha Centauri fan as well as a lover of Civ 5, I'm sitting here emitting a constant, low-frequency squee at the thought of getting to sink my teeth into yet another alien world to colonize.

Bayonetta 2 is the game that might convince me to buy a Wii U, and I'm also looking forward to Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.

Bayonetta 2 and the new Borderlands, I don't own a XBone or PS4 so my options are a bit more stream lined.

Shadows of Mordor, Borderlands the Pre-sqeuel, and Smash for 3DS are all on my to-play list at the moment. Maybe Alien Isolation or Evil Within if they have good reviews.

Bayonetta 2. My Wii U is finally within my home (ZombiU, Super Mario 3D World and TLoZ: The Windwaker HD are holding me until Bayonetta 2 graces me with its existence).

My Xbox One will also get a bit of a rise in my playing with Sunset Overdrive and (in November) the Master Chief collection.

-Borderlands: The Midquel
Probably getting, but that depends on finances

-Smash Bros 3DS.
Gee, it only took Nintendo something like 4 fucking years since they teased it....but it will justify my 3DS's existence for a while longer and the demo was pretty good even in its limitations.

Beyond that, they may get added to the backlog along with
\-Divinity: Original Sin
\-A Link Between Worlds
\-Defense Grid 2

Pre-ordered Alien: Isolation (yeah, I pre-ordered, sue me). As for the rest of the list, nothing really interests me. If Shadow of Mordor counts as an October release however, then I'll likely end up getting that as well.

Pre-ordered Alien: Isolation (yeah, I pre-ordered, sue me). As for the rest of the list, nothing really interests me. If Shadow of Mordor counts as an October release however, then I'll likely end up getting that as well.

well i preordered sw4 if i know i will like it I'll preorder

Pre-ordered Alien: Isolation (yeah, I pre-ordered, sue me). As for the rest of the list, nothing really interests me. If Shadow of Mordor counts as an October release however, then I'll likely end up getting that as well.

Nothing wrong with pre-ordering. I will pre-order any game that I would buy on release day anyway, of course that happens very rarely anymore since I have been frustrated with many different games over the years.

I'm so pumped for Alien Isolation. I'm so glad Jim talked about Alien Isolation... I really want to play, and than read all the reviews and buy all the merch, and get my childhood back from this game... >.>;; I want to play this game really bad. Really really really bad.... More than I should....


As a Civ fan and a recovered SMAC addict, C:BE looks enticing. The thing is, though I'm playing the hell out of Civ V, it's really got no heart compared to previous games, and I'm worried that C:BE will be the same.

Somehow the rock I've been living under protected me from seeing any mention of Spark up till now. Looks like it could be right up my alley, but AAA games being the way they are now, I'm very reluctant to get anything that isn't getting tons of reviews and customer feedback.

Surprised at the lack of mention regarding Shadows of Mordor, especially seeing as Greg covered this in quite an exciting review on the 26th. But yes, that game, thats what Im keyed about.

The more I see of Borderlands, the better it looks. After looking at the skill trees, I really think that these are going to be the most fun classes yet. My only gripe so far is that Claptrap's tree looks REALLY hard to optimize for late game play. Who knows though, someone will probably figure out something that works with him for that stage of the game.

The other game I am looking forward to is Shadow of Mordor. It was on my radar and I was really hoping for it to be good, but I didn't expect it to be as good as people seem to be saying. It sounds like the nemesis system has actually lived up to what the devs promised, which I really wasn't expecting. I thought that it would just be some added gimmick.


hey why no Samurai Warriors 4

This guy gets it!

Samurai Warriors 4 is the game I'm looking forward to, followed distantly by Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax.

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