Which October Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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*Comes running from out of his house, yelling*


Could be sunset overdrive has well but it belongs to Xbox, so that takes the interest right out from my soul...


ALIEN: Isolation!

Hands down, this game has me sooooo excited. Please dont let me down, please dont let me down!

Smash Bros is definitely at the top of the list, with Sunset Overdrive and Civ: BE both tied for second. Civ scratches that itch that makes me think I'm actually good at strategy(and then reminding myself thoroughly how wrong I am), and Insomniac, because Insomniac. Insomniac.

Shadow of Mordor launches in three days... Other than that, not much.

Smash Bros, Senran Kagura Shinovi VS and Fantasy Life.

I got quite a few actually that I'm looking forward to:

Final Fantasy XIII on PC
Styx Master of Shadows
Evil Within
Raven's Cry
Lords of the Fallen

Any answer that's not Smash Bros is WRONG!

ok but seriously Shadow of Mordor looks pretty awesome, I'll probably pick that up

The only one I'm really interested in is Alien Isolation, but I want to wait for reviews first (for obvious reasons) before I pull the trigger on a full price title.

Only really interested in Civ: Beyond Earth, but there's a cloud hanging over that one with how well optimised it is. If it's using the Civ 5 engine I can expect each turn to take about half an hour. Alien Isolation is a maybe, I'm definitely waiting for the reviews with that one.

As for Borderlands the Prequel, everything I've seen just confirms my opinion that the series has completely disappeared up its own ass. For the writer who said he was having difficulty imagining how the series could be improved upon, here are some ideas: fewer bullet sponge enemies, less MMO style running from one end of the map to the other to complete random quests, some kind of upgrade or salvaging system so the gear check is less obnoxious, fewer internet memes, and no more dreadful attempts to be 'edgy'.

"The Evil Within", though with limited time (haven't even finished Wasteland 2 yet, and Shadows Of Mordor is due out any minute) I'm not sure when I'll play it. Simply put I'm hoping it will scratch my survival horror itch for a while since there have not been any good AAA releases in the genera for a while. I'm hoping it manages to be a great horror game with decent combat mechanics, since I get tired of the whole idea that you can't have horror games with combat.

"Silent Hills" has a lot of potential but it will be a while, and really P.T. doesn't really give you a lot of information because they make it clear that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the actual game being released.

Sunset Overdrive, even though I have no XbOne. It is tempting, especially with its white console bundle. If the bundle goes cheap and the game isn't announced for PC (ooh, but that would be sweet), I might just get that bundle.

Everything else (except for Civilization whatever) has me lukewarm. I even doubt Bayonetta 2 will be much better than Bayonetta 1.

Definitely looking forward to play borderlands the pre-sequel and The Evil Within.(the wait is killing me).

well..Even though it comes out today and it's the 30th of September, I count Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as one of the game i'm looking forward to playing as soon as it ships to me(pre-ordered it and won't actually play it till October something, later this week so that's why i count it) The first Persona 4 Arena was probably the best done fighting game ever.. particularly the story mode.. other then that, if you wanna count game that are released in October, then none.. there are no games coming out in October worth getting at all. it's like a gaming wasteland this month.. kind of sad really

Bayonetta 2, it's the main reason I bought a WiiU in the first place, and I haven't touched it in months! Let's hope it fairs a little better over here than it did in Japan...

I found out through Kickstarter that chapter one of Dreamfall Chapters is coming out later this month, so that's mine. In the meantime, I think a run through The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are on the cards.

So we got a port, a possibly decent Alien game, the third game in a series of incredibly bad shooters, Bayonetta 2, a Horror game which I have a strong feeling will be incredibly shit, a random rhythm game no one has heard of and is an Xbox exclusive anyway, and a civilization game that looks like Civilization attempting to do Alpha Centuari despite the company clearly doesn't know why the game was good.

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