Tolkien Video Games Through The Years

Tolkien Video Games Through The Years

Few authors have inspired as many video games as J.R.R. Tolkien. The fantasy author has given us all another world, and thankfully quite a few developers have recreated that world in video game form. So let's all appreciate the work that has gone into bringing such a vast world to life.

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Really? Only 8 games? There were a ton more games you could have mentioned, many of them older than everything but your first entry. What about the various Interplay games? Or even the PS2 hack/slash movie tie-ins? It just seems really half assed to go from 1982 to 2003 with nothing in between.

No love for the battle for middle earth series? One of my favorite RTS games was BFME2. The return of the king was also the first game I got for my ps2 and it was great.

Wow, this one sucked. With such a theme there's a lot of space for much more notable games. I mean, come on, you've got Aragorn's Quest (which nobody played), BOTH Lego LOTR and Hobbit (even though it could easily be just Lego LOTR) and Guardians of Middle-Earth while you could have:
The Two Towers (the PS2 action game that features scenes from the first two movies)
The Return of the King (its sequel)
The Battle For Middle-Earth 1-2 (very nice RTS dilogy)
War in the North (an interesting take on a co-op RPG)
The Hobbit game from 2004
The Fellowship of the Ring game from Vivendi
et cetera. Come on.

No love for the battle for middle earth series? One of my favorite RTS games was BFME2. The return of the king was also the first game I got for my ps2 and it was great.

The Battle For Middle Earth games were cool. The first followed the movies while the second told the story of why the Dwarves and Elves weren't involved. And it told it well. For the most part. Galadriel using The One Ring to lay waste to the enemy was somewhat immersion breaking. Still, having Boromir destroy Grond at the battle of Minas Tirath was cool.

I aggree with everyone. It doesn't seem like much research was done on this, as you mentioned both Lego adaptions, but not one battle for middle-earth game and none of the hack-and-slash movie adaptations.
BFME was an excellent strategy game and Return of the King was one of the best Coop Hack-and-Slash games for Xbox in my opinion.

The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring wasn't related to the Peter Jackson movies, sadly it wasn't as good as everyone had hoped. The game failed to capture the feeling of Tolkien, it felt more like a run-of-the-mill hack and slash RPG.

That's very weird considering it's an RTS game. The other commenters have already said that this article feels lazy because it failed to include more and better Tolkien-inspired games such as the battle for middle earth games. I feel that errors that could be corrected by a single google-search should also be mentioned. Even looking at the picture included in the article itself should give you some hint as to what this game was. I expect better from featured content.


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