It's New Cat, Old Tricks for Gotham's Selina Kyle

It's New Cat, Old Tricks for Gotham's Selina Kyle

Gotham's second episode, "Selina Kyle," focuses less on teenage Catwoman and more on asking questions.

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Mike Hoffman:
Carmine Falcone -- which is pronounced "Fowl-cone-ee," I don't care what Gotham says.

Thank you sir. I realize it seems like a tiny little thing, but it's bugged me from the moment I first heard this show use the name.

Agreed on the abundance of mysteries. In particular I thought that the Dollmaker's two childlike minions would have some kind of explanation for the contrast between their actions and demeanour- the lady reminded me of Dolores Umbridge. They fistbump each other like 12-year olds, they use 'wimp' swears like 'gosh' and 'darn', and generally behave like the Dollmaker's their dad who will reward them with candy when the job is done. Coupled with the Dollmaker's nastier habits in the comics and the fact that he was abducting kids, I thought they'd be revealed as victims of some kind of brainwashing. Maybe later.

I suppose this is the pitfall you run when trying to hit the ground running for a series that may turn out to run over 23 episodes. You hold lots of your cards tight to the chest and risk making people lose interest in waiting for the answers to be delivered later, as seen in the first 2/3 of Agents of SHIELD season 1. Oh well, looks like Oswald is back in Gotham next time so we won't have constant cutaways to him trying to befriend normal people his age and attempting poor man's ransom schemes, as darkly funny as those were. He's like evil Sheldon Cooper.

I just want to point out the irony that Falcone, a Mafioso character written in 1987 (I checked the wiki), shares the same name as an Italian judge, famous for fighting the Mafia, who was killed in 1992 by the Cosa Nostra.

Thanks for the review. I understand that it was explicitly stated as "A Review," of the episode, but it would be great it it were possible to work in (or do a separate article on) the larger connections and implications of the show, much like you guys do with Agents of Shield. Mentions of "The Dollmaker" and the unmistakably comic book-ish minions do portend implications of connections and possibilities for the future of the show, and it just may be fun to explore that a bit. Just a thought.

Man, this show makes Arrow look subtle by comparison (I'm just kidding; Arrow's a great show).

I mean between Selina asking people to call her "Cat", Bruce drawing angry pictures between burning himself and listening to heavy metal, and the Penguin eating sardine cans, you'd think the producers would just stop and ask the audience "Do you get it yet?".

Still, very solid cast and I'm surprised who well Donal Logue is fitting into Harvey Bullock. I just wish this show would allow it some breathing room instead of constantly reminding us this is the Batman universe.


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