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Here we go again with the turtle smuggling and the airplane porn.

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For me at least, the Prince Philip thing is old news. In fact the islanders did a check if the prince was said divinity & he passed the test, so there's that.

Aww man, I used the old address! I thought it was still Upyourbuttandaroundthecorner Cres.

...and now I'm awaiting Cameron's cover of Lonely Island's "Jizz In My Pants"...

No, seriously, I want to see that. Get on it, LRR!

So next time you are flying, you must ask; Was that turbulence, or did the pilot "fly the friendly skies"?

You know, between this and Checkpoint I'm starting to think that Kathleen really needs to work on her exit strategies. Maybe I should mail her some ninja smokebombs...

I'm going to be whistling that damn "Hinterland Who's Who" flute music all day long :P

Jazz Hands is always a valid exit strategy.

It's the hinterland music!!! love it

and yeah i'd expect this kind of behaviour from air canada.... well any crown corporation acctually.

Because they didn't actually use it in the Feed Dump, I'm gonna leave this here

I used to hang out at the corner of Elbowtotheface Crescent and Hityourselfintheheadwithahammer Lane in my younger years. I believe they recently tore down all the old houses and replaced them with condos and a minimall. Elbowtotheface park is gone, just a distant memory of days long past, when I would visit my friend halfway down Putyourhandonahotstove Boulevard and hang out at the park, swinging on the swings and talking about our silly plans to get rich smuggling lizards into Canada. Ah, those were the days.

The island folk who worship Prince Phillip are very old news, but always fun to share with someone who has never heard it before.
Technically he's the incarnation of a mountain spirit though.

They got some of their photographs when five of their tribe visited Britain and met him at the palace, though they've received photographs before and have even gifted Phillip with a traditional pig killing club.
That is, a club for killing pigs with, not an group of pig killing enthusiasts.

He is definitely our nationally shared racist old grandparent though.

There's a documentary you can watch on youtube if you search around called 'meet the natives' covering the visit of the five representatives to Britain a few years ago.
The natives in the title are the people of Britain, as the five tribesman visit with the various classes of British people, stay with them and learn about each others culture.
The documentary could have been handled poorly, but it's actually very well done.
They're just some very honest, pleasant people seeing a country for the first time.
The fact they happen to see Prince Phillip as a spiritual entity is the only odd part of it.
As a show, it allows the viewer to see their own society as anthropomorphically strange through the experiences of the tribesmen.

They also did a subsequent version where the tribe visited the United States, though I haven't personally seen that one.

That's probably the most succinct explanation of Prince Philip I've ever heard. Comedy shows get a lot of material from his public appearances.

Why is it always Ottawa?

No need to gag Cam, Mr Moore actually had a Terrine. Which is sort of a coarse meatloaf.

Feed Dump IS a heratage moment.

Funniest one I've seen in a while

Funniest one I've seen in a while

Seconded. And will we get more of Cam's inappropriately targeted "sexual feelings" on his stream? :P

Actually, watching porn in a secondary screen is a good practice for stressing jobs.
But it just goes that far, not discrimination of women, and no cockpit jokes :P

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Surprised you guys didn't talk about the most Australian crime ever: A man in Melbourne tried to hold a place up with a boomerang.

CAPTCHA: the big easy

No...Australia, Captcha. Not New Orleans.

watching porn in planes, i dont see it as a big problem? your locked inside the cockpit and noone is allowed to enter without your explicit permision, the autopilot is flying the planes for hours and all you got to do is sit there and wait for emergency just in case (and time to land). your basically sitting around doing nothing in a locked up room that noone is allowed to see. i dont see a big deal with having a side monitor with porn there to keep pilots awake. after all, id rather have them watch porn than be asleep when emergency hit.


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