Uncivil War: Shadow of Mordor - Finding Love in all the Mordor Places

Jim And Yahtzee:
Shadow of Mordor - Finding Love in all the Mordor Places

Can Jim and Yahtzee find true orc love?

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Really, a waifu joke? I'm still not sure if this means Yahtzee dislikes Japan to a great extent or if he is making fun of the pandering nature of anime

anyway, interesting challenge and name and something i didn't expect.

At some point in the future, we'll finally find a happy medium between "people who forget they were viciously assaulted 20 seconds ago because you ran behind a cart" and "super-guards who notice if you fart from 3 miles out, and pursue you with the uncanny talent of a bloodhound using GPS". Fun video nonetheless.

I don't know where that waifu reference came from but ... I really didn't expect these guys to know of that kind of stuff. *Shrug* They actually might watch some anime. I really wouldn't be surprised if Jim watches Free! XD

Anyway, a good round.
Though I'm really wondering who will come out on top this season.
My bet is still on Jim.

that ending joke ... how on earth do they let these 2 get away with so much on this show?

So, is the character wearing a latex cape cause he is in to the kinky stuff? Wool cloaks don't reflect light like that.

I know that the SC2 HotS into cinematic was used probably mostly because it looks cool, but I'd love to see Jim and Yahtzee go up against one another in Starcraft!

This gives me the impression that they half heartedly designed the AI, but it allowed for a good video so who am I to complain?

Suggestions: Space Engineers: Build a ship within a minute or so then duel it out. Killing Floor: Who can get the most kills/survive longest without buying anything from the shop (including health/ammo).

And do like these videos, keep them coming!

Good episode. The guards acting like dummies made me laugh.

My suggestion:

The Game: One Finger Death Punch.

The Goal: Play survival mode without any skills active. The gentleman with the highest bodycount wins.

I think after 3 minutes, if the score was tied, whoever got the next one should have won. But apparently Jim lost count of his total anyway.

This gives me the impression that they half heartedly designed the AI, but it allowed for a good video so who am I to complain?

It's mostly just that the game anticipates most encounters to be between you and about 5-x number of orcs, where it becomes a question of you overwhelming them through sheer superiority or them overwhelming you through sheer numbers. The stealth is one of those things that kind of plays around that. You either remain stealthy for a while and wreak havoc from the shadows, or get discovered and wade straight into the fray. What they're doing is kind of... not playing the game, if that makes sense? The orcs are aware that if they kill you, you just come back, so I'm fairly positive the motivational outlook is: "So he killed some of us and fled. If we don't find him immediately, it's not worth trying to find him because he'll just pick us off anyway." The gameplay side is just that the stealth isn't meant to be the only mechanic worth playing with but more of a supplement.

This is pretty silly, especially the whole "waiting for them to forget about you" bit. Poor orcs can't catch a break in this game. #Ratbag4Warchief2016

I still want to see them compete to see who can kill the most people with flowers in GTA: San Andreas before/without getting killed. But I also still can't decide if it would be better to make them have to find the flowers or start with bouquet-in-hand. Suppose that would be for the test run to determine; if it takes to long to find a set (and not everybody still has the weapon locations memorized as I do) it wouldn't be funny. On the other hand, if they have at least vague memories, the dialog of finding them would be amusing.

Based on this it seems we can assume that true orc love (according to Yahtzee) is shown when he's deepthroating your blade, all the way down to the cross-guard.

He can only do it once, but perhaps that's what makes it such a great gesture?

"Yes, take it all, you dirty bastard! Choke on it!" <- Innuendo checks out, seems legit.

Presumably they'll try this again with Alien Isolation? ;)

Wow, stunned how much Shadow of Mordor looks like Assassin's Creed!
Wait: waifu? Glomp? I thought these guys didn't like anime!

So... if I was an Orc, then maybe senpai would notice me?
*takes note*

Also, I always knew Yahtzee was kind of the yandere in this relationship...

Really love taking a game where there isn't much more to it than fighting in the core gameplay concept, and making a game of your own design within the world's rules. Kudos Jim, Yahtzee.

My suggestion for a challenge: the Civ V Settler Shuffle. Both competitors start up a game of Civ and immediately delete their starting warrior. They proceed to wander around with their settler without founding a city, dodging barbarians as best they can. Whichever competitor's settler manages to evade capture for the greatest number of turns is the winner.

Wait, how is Jim up to 7 now? You tied.

Wait, how is Jim up to 7 now? You tied.

Both of them went up by one.

Needs more Yandere.

Suggestion: Why don't they go ahead and make a challenge for AOTTG? Being spiderman with swords while cutting up giant people is fun, right?

I wonder what those orcs would say if they survived and rose through the ranks.

Maybe for a future challenge, they can do Valkyr fishing in Warframe. Though that might be a bit more lead-in time to get those particular frames unless they play it already. They did it once for one of the developer twitch streams and I found it to be quite funny.

Presumably they'll try this again with Alien Isolation? ;)

Judging by Jim's review, that'd be a heavily RNG-weighted challenge. Probably not ideal.


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