Reviews: Alien: Isolation Review - Structural Perfection

Great to hear that this turned out to be a good game. Certainely going to gett it in the future when the price dropped a bit.

[I]Alien: Isolation[/i] Review - Structural Perfection

Alien: Isolation's structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

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Now imagine something like this with a piece of tech like the Oculus Rift and a pair of headphones shutting out all outside interference. Probably not a good idea. I suspect a lot of gamers have high bloodpressure and are at risk of heartattacks as it is. No need to tempt fate, yeah? :)

Glad to hear the game is great.
After getting burnt on Colonial Marines, I was waiting for a review from Jim.

Certainly a relief when a game with a big name is considered "good". I was equally surprised that people seem to enjoy that new Lord of the Rings game (was pessimistic).
In a world where AAA games always seem to be "disappointing", it's reassuring that there still are games that hit the mark.

Well this is going to be mildly irritating now. It sucking would just add to the noise that is complaining about AAA so it'd have an irrelevant effect, it being good means we got another possible internet darling on our hands.

Anyway good review, but I'll have to see more stuff around the net before I can be convinced. If I hear a horror game is good I always have to question its merits due to them usually having all those elements used by all that indie garbage.


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