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Tales from Destiny

These are the stories of the Guardians of the galaxy (Not to be confused with Rocket Raccoon).

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This pixelated take on Destiny has got to be the best thing I've ever seen about Destiny!

How long did it take to do all the animation alone? It references the loot-cave bug, and that hasn't been out all *that* long.

That was just a plain old LOL moment!


Destiny should be proud. Not many games get the honor of the "LRR treatment".

If that pixel-vision animation isn't that too time-consuming, we'd like to see more of that, please. My favorite bit is the one Guardian mistaking that other guy's head for just another helmet. "I've been dead for hundreds of years!"

"In my defense, I've been dead for hundreds of years." What's the bets that would become the standard excuse for terrible behaviour?

Does anyone else think that a pixelated 2d version of Destiny would look better than Destiny?

I demand this be an ongoing segment!!!

*puts foot down

/mutter even if it makes fun of a game I like..

Yup Destiny...

I don't think they thought it through.

This might just be the funnies thing I've seen about Destiny... on second thought, yeah. This is the funnies thing I've seen about Destiny.

Well done! :)

Congrats Graham. You can say you did something better than Perter Dinklage. ;D

I'm glad I still have other games to play besides Destiny. ;p

Thank you all for this very cathartic threat. =w= b (<-thumbs up face)

Destiny; Where you are murdered for asking too many questions.

I love that you guys are doing something new! The pixelart is pretty well done. I wonder if this is going to be something we see again in the future. :D

Awesome. Just awesome.

So is Destiny the worst best game of the year, or the best worst game of the year?

Wait, you can't exchange gear with other players?

When LRR does pixel cartoons, it behooves me to watch them even if it is a game I'm never going to pick up.

Holy Crap guys, these are fantastic! The script is great & Featherweight did a great job on the art work // More, if you'd be so find


See... the joke is that Destiny sucks.

Get it? It's hilarious!

(I have to play this game with my uncle... I die a little inside everytime I load it up.)

Shit son... it's October... there's only like... 3 more months of LRR left...


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