From Catacombs to Notre Dame: Building Paris in Assassin's Creed Unity

From Catacombs to Notre Dame: Building Paris in Assassin's Creed Unity

Recreating Paris might be Ubisoft's most impressive Assassin's Creed setting.

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With the Notre Dame its easy to see that they went full recreation of the place while the other ones do have some differences, probably because of gameplay reasons as most changes seem to be on the roofs (changing the angle a bit and walkable surfaces). Its that or Notre Dame was already perfect for a digital climber with some climbing limitations since 1345.

EDIT: Although I must say that after looking at the pictures its sad that the game wont look like that, not really taking a jab at the whole "Ubisoft + downgrade" thing but the fact that these are promotional shots were the image was rendered in-engine with everything set to max out of the normal boundaries, in the actual game stuff that would be further away wouldnt show up of as a much more simple model, you know, the usual game making technices. It would be cool if they let the max setting really be incredibly high tech stuff so that in around 10 years we could go back and play it with that stuff enabled after the hardware capable or running it at 60fps came out.

I guess The Witcher 2 played with something like that, how many players could actually use that Ubersampling thing at the max settings? Not that it made much difference but it was a very demanding feature that ends up being a bonus for future playthroughs.

I dont know, I kind of wish that when setting the limits to a game's graphical options they thought about the future a bit too with some of the basic stuff, how many people could run Crysis maxed when it was released? That game seemed made with the existence of future hardware in mind.

For example, in GTA SA the draw distance cant be disabled or increased more then a certain limit (that is rather short), only with mods did the game let you see further. That is basicly what I am saying, even if no computer runs it properly now, since those settings can be seen as bonus tweaks to the original game, some day down the line people will be able to use them and enjoy them.

Basicly, I'm sad that the game wont look as good because its obvious that most PCs cant run that in real time, although obviously a few years from now they will but then the game wont let them.

I guess this went a bit off-topic, no?


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